Pastel colors of flowers

Pastel colors in the interior

Пример пастельных тонов в интерьере
Пример пастельных тонов в интерьере
Пример пастельных тонов в интерьере
Пример пастельных тонов в интерьере

Фотографии пастельных тонов

Пример пастельных тонов в фото
Пример пастельных тонов в фото
Пример пастельных тонов в фото
Пример пастельных тонов в фото

What pastel colors to choose for the house

Given the ability of dark and light to influence spatial volumes, it is possible to correct the shortcomings of the perimeter.

In a small functional area, pastel colors are relevant in addition to colorful inclusions. A colorful still life, a mosaic panel on the wall will serve as a decor, create a different aesthetic perception.

If you use a mix of rich colors in the interior of a large kitchen (2-3 colors are allowed), the room will become more comfortable against a light background of walls and a two-color set of furniture.

Delicate bedroom for a young lady or a romantic young woman

Very warm living room - a cozy place for pleasant gatherings

In such a kitchen, cooking and relaxing is a pleasure.

Gray-turquoise walls, as an option for the bathroom

Gray in the bedroom looks very interesting in combination with white and raspberry accessories and the same striped ceiling.

Advice! When creating a monochromatic design, duplicate the shade of the headset on the walls. Curtains can be chosen according to the photo a tone brighter, patterned or combined with a colored chandelier, tablecloth. Then a laconic background will enhance the depth of the colors used in the decor.

The eclectic mix of cool tones in the interior of the bathroom gives expressiveness to objects and design. So, the blue bowl next to the turquoise frame of the mirror or the facades of the cabinet effectively stands out against the background of light walls, emphasizing the texture of the finishing material. In a small perimeter, peach, mother-of-pearl, pink and other light pigments have an advantage.

Bright paintings look good on the walls of pastel colors.

Bright living room painted in different shades of pastel

Creative combination of creamy pink and dark gray on the walls

Bathroom and hallway

One of the main advantages of light color is the ability to visually expand the space. In standard city apartments, the corridor and the bathroom do not have large areas, and the pastel colors will visually make them more spacious and brighter.

pastel hair colors

Hair coloring in pastel colors has been a leader in the world of beauty for several seasons. Before you decide to change your image, remember that it is easiest to become the owner of this color for those who have natural blonde hair or have previously been bleached. When choosing a pastel tone, it is recommended to build on the color type. So, peach shades are ideal for young ladies with olive skin, and pale pink tones will suit a burning blonde.

Are you afraid that you will not like the chosen hair color? Experiment with pastel shades with special crayons that are easy to wash off. And if you are a supporter of a fashionable ombre, feel free to dye part of your hair with pastel colors. As for popular shades, this year menthol, lavender, coral get the palm.

The popularity of pastels

Today, pastel colors are popular not only in painting and graphics, but also in make-up, interior and clothing design, advertising and many other areas of human activity. This is due to the fact that the eyes are the main sensory organ, which accounts for almost one third of the nervous system. This fact is actively used by both advertisers and the entertainment industry, luring and distracting people's attention with the help of flashy, bright colors and flashing images. To take a break from the influx of sensory stimuli, sometimes you want to close your eyes. Pastel colors do not irritate or distract attention, they create a neutral-pleasant atmosphere, enjoying which, "the eyes rest".

With the help of them in the interior, you can recreate a visual range reminiscent of a sunny seashore or a foggy morning in the mountains. You can pick up a wardrobe in shades of cappuccino with mint cake or an autumn park. Thus, the color scheme will not irritate the eye, but on the contrary, it will relax and cause pleasant sensations.

There are many different combinations of pastel colors. You can also combine shades of the same color that are different in intensity. Or combine different tones or combine pastel shades with “unbleached” paints. Below are various options for a profitable combination of tones, based on an emotional approach to the palette and color scheme.


Pieces of furniture in pastel colors can become both the main object of attention in the interior, and be a concise and inconspicuous addition. For example, a vintage chest of drawers or a velvet pale lavender dressing table chair will certainly attract attention, while a cream-colored sofa or dining table will become more of a continuation of the design idea.


Tulle of one color or another can change the perception of a room, for example, a light yellow or peach shade will make the room warmer, while blue, lilac or mint, on the contrary, will refresh it. Curtains made of dense fabric will hide from excess light, while saving space.


The textile part of the design makes the interior cozy. Pillows, throws, and rugs are details that can change the mood of a home a little, making it playful, for example, with a floral pattern on a pink background, or romantic with plain soft lavender accents.

Paintings and posters

Paintings even in the same color palette can look completely different, depending on the writing technique and image style. The drawing may support a general stylistic direction or reflect a thematic idea.


Decorative interior items are the finishing touch in creating an apartment design. Candlesticks, ceramic figurines or flower vases will add a romantic touch to the interior of the room. In the nursery, these can be beautiful dolls, soft toys or nightlights, in the kitchen, decorative wall plates or useful little things, and in the bathroom, a rug, boxes or cups for brushes and soap.

Pastel colors - what are they?

Apricot, peach, marshmallow, soft colors give softness and tranquility, relieve nervous tension, which means pastel colors can create a weightless mood, plunge into a state of carelessness and boundless femininity. They give a feeling of comfort and security. If we talk in more detail about how pastel colors look, then here's a good example for you:

  • "dusty" pink;
  • pale lilac;
  • dusted burgundy;
  • muted yellow;
  • dim green;
  • grey-blue;
  • deep forest green color;
  • all shades of chocolate;
  • taupe;
  • light gray;
  • dusty turquoise;
  • peach;
  • light peach;
  • bleached coral;
  • blue gray;
  • muted plum;
  • sky blue;
  • mint;
  • "dusty" beige;
  • muted cornflower blue;
  • cappuccino color.

Warm pastel colors

If you believe the psychology of color, then warm pastel colors in clothes give the young lady softness and calmness. She feels safe and comfortable. Such people inspire confidence. They are open and easy to communicate with. One wants to learn something useful from them, to learn something, to learn from experience. Pastel warm colors are associated with something cozy, homely, a little childish.

Pastel-colored clothing is what helps create a win-win outfit. She is always in trend and, due to her muted colors, she does not get bored as quickly as it happens with bright shades (for example, acid ones, which are now out of fashion). As for the popular combination, combine them with white things or with wardrobe elements in a rich shade.

The only thing you need to be careful when mixing pastel colors with each other is not to load your look with "sweet" colors. Everything should be in moderation. In the outfit, things with three delicate shades look harmonious. Otherwise, we get a cloyingly infantile image, from which it breathes not calmness, but childishness, recklessness.

Cold pastel colors

Delicate pastel colors with a cold tint are perfect for girls with the "summer" and "winter" color types. As for the palette of shades, this includes muted red, dusty burgundy, pale pink, lemon, gray yellow, bleached orange, cold green, frosty blue, gray blue, purple with hints of gray, “dusty” purple, gray chocolate , brown with a drop of ocher, cold wine.

Composing an image in cold pastel colors, do not forget to dilute it with things of neutral white, classic black. If you want something unusual, add a silver wardrobe element to your look. Don't be afraid to play with contrasts. With pastel cold tones, this will play into your hands. Want to create the perfect look? Then do not forget about the color of accessories. With cold colors, jewelry made of white, yellow gold, light pearls, silver, with emeralds, white rhinestones looks good.

Such pastel colors look great in romantic looks, in country-style clothes, softened classics. They are perfect for office dress code. For example, suits of discreet blue and azure shades perfectly cope with this. Opting for the traditional black and white duo trouser attire, complete the stylish look with a cool turquoise coat.

A color scheme

Combination with neutral shades

To get the most light and delicate interior, the most successful combination will be with neutral shades, such as white and light gray. Both colors are harmoniously combined with almost the entire color palette, and in combination with pastel colors form a romantic and relaxing design.


This is a combination of one color of different saturation, from white pastels to deep shades. In the interior, such a combination can be found in the decoration or in the filling of the room, for example, wallpaper with a smoothly transitioning pattern or a sofa with brighter pillows and blankets.

The diagram shows an example of a monochromatic combination.

The photo shows a stylish compact living room. When decorating, a monochromatic combination of lavender shades was used.


Opposite shades from the color wheel are considered complimentary, such as pale pink and blue. In the design of the apartment, this combination looks brighter and more interesting. Despite the colors opposite each other, the room will not be overloaded due to soft shades.


The shades adjacent in the circle will become a continuation of each other in the interior of the room. Shades are close to each other, but are not variations of the same color.

The photo shows a bedroom in mint-orange tones. The walls are decorated with wallpaper with a small floral pattern combined with paint of the same tone.

Bright accents and pastels

Accents are an important detail in the design, any little thing can change the character of the house. Bright elements will decorate a modern style, delicate colors are suitable for a classic and softer direction.

Pictured is a bedroom with pastel floral wallpaper. The bright coral headboard acts as an accent.

The bedroom and the charm of pastel colors

The calming effect of pastel colors is indispensable in the room in which a person spends most of his time. Evening rest and night sleep largely depend on the situation, so the choice of colors for the bedroom should be given special attention.

Green color calms the nervous system, so its pastel shades are successfully used to create the design of a small bedroom. You can complement the delicate olive with warm lemon. With moderate use of the latter, an interesting contrast of warm and cold spectra is achieved, which will not be flashy and depressing.

When choosing the color of the walls in the women's bedroom, you should take a closer look at all the pastel shades of pink and the actual powder color. Such a coloring is considered truly girlish and will cause positive emotions among the fair sex.

The white-brown combination is suitable for couples' bedrooms. Bed linen in the appropriate color scheme will help to complement the interior: choose sets with a pattern that will echo the print of curtains or wallpaper.


A delicate palette in a country house will look stylish, open spaces and large rooms will fill the house with light.

In addition to finishing, pastel shades can fill the interior with furniture and other details, for example, an antique soft green cabinet will become the main object in the bedroom, and a soft blue wood set combined with linen textiles will make the kitchen sophisticated and romantic.

Color selection

pastel pink

An incredibly gentle and light pastel tone is associated with powder-colored rose petals. Pale pink wallpaper looks good in the interior of a children's room for girls, bedroom, living room and other rooms in the house.

pastel yellow

Positive sunny unobtrusive pastel tone. In the interior, it will look harmonious with neutral base colors such as white and beige. Pale yellow wallpaper will brighten up a room whose windows face the north side.

Light peach and light coral

Tones close to each other will add color to the interior and make it brighter. They will look harmoniously with turquoise and blue. Peach will be harmonious as the base color of the walls. Coral tone is more suitable as a bright accent.

Pastel lilac and lavender

Pale purple is successfully combined with white and gray. The perfect wallpaper tone for decorating a living space in a classic style or Provence, the design will turn out to be fresh and cozy.

Pastel green and mint

Pastel green walls not only look refreshing, but will also have a positive effect on the psychological side of a person. Mint is a suitable option for an interior in the style of shabby chic and Provence, green shades will look warmer.

pastel blue

Pale pastel blue will be associated with the summer sky and clear water. Cold shades of wallpaper are best used for interior decoration with south-facing windows.

Cream, ivory

Creamy pastel wallpapers are ideal as backgrounds, they are not as bright as white and look much softer. Both shades of pastel will be harmonious in a classic and modern style. The interior can be diluted with details of other, brighter colors.

The photo shows a minimalist ivory kitchen, part of the facades is decorated with wood.

Style decision

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is the most comfortable and homely style that cannot be imagined without finishing and filling in pastel colors. Pastel wallpapers with a playful floral pattern, soft furnishings and lots of cute decorative elements will envelop the home in a cozy atmosphere. The colors most commonly used in shabby chic design are milky, mint, peach, pink.


Provence style is associated with the spaciousness and charm of endless lavender fields. Pastel accents on a white or milky background will make the interior airy and delicate. The walls can be finished with plain wallpaper, plaster, wallpaper with floral patterns or frescoes.


Style allows you to combine different colors and materials. In the design of one room, pastel wallpapers will harmoniously look, for example, with geometric patterns of the same color, but of different saturation. Furniture has simple forms, and decorative items emphasize the style of the room.


Pastel colors in a classic interior create an incredibly delicate and elegant design. The walls will be decorated with wallpaper with a slightly noticeable pattern, while elegant furniture and noble textiles will complete the look. The design can be left in one color tone or you can add a few bright colors in the form of paintings or fresh flowers.


It is performed, as a rule, in light, soft colors. White is most often taken as the basis, multi-colored details act as accents, for example, pieces of furniture, textiles, part of the decoration. Details of any color will look harmonious.

The photo shows a Scandinavian-style dining room in white and mint color.


A light range of turquoise, blue and beige will make the interior incredibly fresh and fill it with marine motifs. Delicate colors can be used as the main ones in the interior or as complementary ones.

Living room in pastel colors

When decorating the hall, the windows of which face the north side, it is worth taking a closer look at the warm shades of pastels. Soft peach, cozy brown or sunny sand will gently fill the room with warmth, making up for the lack of light in the room. But such colors can visually reduce the space, so use a warm tone spectrum with caution in a small room.

Mint with neon echoes, turquoise, noble gray, sophisticated pearl or muted pastel ultramarine are suitable for spacious living rooms located on the south side of the building. Here, cold pastel shades will balance the abundance of light and harmoniously fit into the interior.

To reduce the dominance of pastels, dilute the interior with bright colorful highlights. Furniture and decor items of rich tones will draw attention to themselves and become the center of the interior composition. You can diversify the design of the living room in a similar manner by using bright decorative pillows for the sofa, ceramic vases and flower pots, contrasting curtains, floor lamps or sconces.

Pastel: combination with other colors

The combination of romantic colors with white remains the most popular. Such a combination visually makes the room more voluminous and gives it a certain solemnity.

Another win-win way to harmoniously combine a pastel shade with another is to choose a tone from the same range as the second color, but with more or less intensity:

olive goes well with green and rich light green;

caramel finds its continuation in brown;

dusty coral is perfectly complemented by salmon and other shades of orange.

When choosing a pastel shade to dominate the interior, do not forget to focus on the tables of harmonious color combinations.

The combination of all shades of pastel is almost limitless. This range perfectly coexists with both related shades and contrasting bright colors that act as design accents and at the same time emphasize all the tenderness of soft tones.

Nail design in pastel colors

Pastel nails will complement the image in delicate colors. Decorate them with lace patterns, floral stickers, geometric painting, minimalist designs. If we talk about pastel nail art from catwalk shows, then the trend is long, intricately decorated nails, covered with light pink, menthol varnish. Colors are gaining momentum, close to natural, nude. If you want to create a pastel-colored manicure that will fit into an office outfit, choose light pastel shades diluted with contrasting lines.