These Luxury Health & Wellness Trends Are Taking The World By Storm

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Health & wellness should always be at the forefront of our minds. To enjoy a long and happy life, one must take good care of themselves. Some people are better at this than others. They stay active, eat healthy diets and follow the latest health trends. 

Speaking of the latter, if we dive into the world of luxury health & wellness trends, you’ll encounter many ideas and concepts that could help you on your journey through life. These trends introduce new ways of thinking or approaching wellness that you’ve never considered before. In fact, they could hold the key to giving you that little health boost you’ve always craved. 

What are some of the biggest trends in the luxury health & wellness industry right now? A fair few are rising in popularity – and here are the biggest ones to look out for:

Collagen Boosters Provide More Youthfulness

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and plays many important roles throughout our internal system. It’s found in connective tissues and is responsible for a wide range of internal processes.

Our body makes collagen naturally, but this production will decrease as we age. As such, collagen boosters have risen in popularity as a luxury health supplement. The main reason people are trying to up their collagen intake is anti-ageing. As your body produces less collagen, your skin starts to get looser and wrinkles develop. A boost of collagen can slow this down and possibly prevent it, leaving you with younger skin for longer. 

We’re seeing so many luxury supplements in this department. There are collagen powders you mix with water to create drinks – and these can be very expensive. Many people take collagen-boosting beauty products in the form of peptides, which get absorbed through the skin to encourage collagen cell production. Or, you have collagen injections that replenish the skin’s natural collagen for a more youthful look. Whichever method you try, there’s no denying that collagen boosters are a heavy trend in luxury health & wellness.

The Power Of Mushrooms

For years, mushrooms have been the annoying food on your plate you constantly avoid. Now, they’ve become very cool! 

Mushrooms are a big hit in the luxury wellness realm because of their supposed health benefits. The funny thing is, none of these benefits are new. Mushrooms were used in ancient medicine for centuries, but only now are we starting to see them move into the mainstream eye. Wellness companies are taking certain strains of mushrooms and mixing them with other adaptogens to form super blends and powders. For instance, mushroom coffee is now extremely popular with people looking for a caffeine-free energy boost. 

To further prove the popularity of fungi, Meghan Markle herself has invested in a shroom coffee company in the last few years. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this particular market with some experts believing it could rival CBD as a natural supplement. As with all health & wellness supplements or trends, you have to pay premium prices for the best ingredients and results. If you were to replace your morning coffee with a mushroom blend, it would likely cost 4-5 times more. 

THC Edibles Enter The CBD Market

We mentioned CBD above, and this is perhaps the biggest health trend of the last five years. The rise in CBD products is unprecedented, with everything from edibles to drinks being legally sold throughout the world. People have embraced CBD as a cannabinoid that potentially helps many parts of the human body. Certainly, some people have expressed marked improvements in stress levels or insomnia after using these products. 

But, there’s now a new trend within this market. Before, CBD products contain extremely low amounts of THC – the psychoactive compound in cannabis. Fast forward to the present day and it is possible to find legal THC gummies for sale. It’s an intriguing concept that many people are on board with.

Effectively, you receive all of the benefits of CBD, but with the psychoactive effects of THC. It’s being proposed as a more high-end and acceptable way of taking cannabis. People are enjoying them as a way to possibly treat things like chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, inflammation, decreased appetite and more. It’s an intriguing development in the CBD market that will certainly draw lots of attention from health-conscious individuals. 

Fitness Trackers Get Even Smarter

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Smart fitness wearables have been a growing trend in health & wellness for some time. Popularised by Fitbit, we’ve now seen huge tech companies get involved and transform the way we view and track our health. 

These days, you can buy a smartwatch with detailed fitness-tracking capabilities. While previous trackers managed to tell you how many steps you’ve walked or calories you’ve burned, new ones do so much more. Many have the capabilities to tell you blood oxygen levels or do an ECG reading of your heart rate. You even have some devices that can take your body temperature and provide incredibly accurate ovulation reports. 

The ability to know more about the human body excites most people. If you want to be fit and healthy, you have to know as much about yourself as possible. Advanced fitness trackers are doing this, though they can be incredibly expensive. 

Drinks That Are Good For You

We’re starting to see more and more drinks that are specifically designed to be good for you. While some argue that water is the best drink out there, other drinks are infused with ingredients to target health problems or provide more health benefits. 

Again, we touched upon CBD before, but you see loads of CBD-infused drinks designed to give you a jolt of relaxation after a long day. Kombucha is also extremely popular, offering natural energy and exceptional benefits for your digestive health. Loads of other health drinks are being introduced too – including one packed full of adaptogens. These drinks are advertised as alternatives to “unhealthy” beverages like soft drinks or alcohol, giving you something better to put in your body. 

Luxury health & wellness trends come and go all the time. While these trends are currently in fashion, the jury’s out on how many of them can stick around. Still, if you’re interested in trying new things to improve your health, perhaps you’ll see benefits by trying some of the ideas mentioned today.

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