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They say shopping for a special man in your life can be tricky, and while we don’t disagree, we think finding the best gifts for women can be a total minefield. Have no fear, though, because here at WWD, we always have our eyes on the most coveted women’s gifts of the moment, and we also keep our ears attuned to those stealth items that seem to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

Whether you’re searching for a unique gift for your mom, a gift for a sister, a gift for a wife, or perhaps a gift for a favorite hairstylist, a stylish little something is always sure to please. But to ensure you’re an exceptional gift-giver, honing in on the interests of your giftees is how you’ll surprise and utterly delight with great gifts for women of all kinds.

And while there are no hard and fast rules, there are some luxury gifts for women of different age groups that will make her feel extra special, whether they’re in their 20s, 30s, 50s, or older. Consider the life stage of your giftee to inspire some practical and thoughtful gift ideas. From affordable gifts for her, like a personalized portrait, and a designer gift for her, like a women’s designer handbag, to a luxury gift for her, such as a minimalist piece of jewelry, our comprehensive gift guide has a perfectly packaged present to suit all women in your life.

Inspired to shop? Ahead, discover the best gifts for women of 2023, including the top trending gifts for her no matter the occasion. Trust us — you’ll want to get your hands on these ASAP, and she will, too.

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Top 15 Gifts for Women of 2023

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

It’s easy to get stumped by the idea of finding unique gifts for women who have everything. But one idea that’s equal parts functional and impressive? A ceramic, temperature-controlled Smart mug in matte black for perfectly toasty beverages all season long.

What reviewers say: “A friend told me about this cup. I remember looking it up on Amazon and told my self… this is way too expensive!!!! Nevertheless, i caved and purchased it. I’m the type that drinks their coffee for the first three hours in the morning and it gets cold about 15 minutes after making it. I’ve been using this item every single day and i can say my coffee is always hot!!! If you are like me and enjoy every sip of that delicious energy buster then get one of these!”

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Courtesy of Amazon

Ember Smart Mug 2 $149.95  $131.61 Buy Now at amazon

Sorbus Clear Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

Makeup bags are great and all, but there’s nothing better than having your products displayed in front of you. This organizer does just that while helping you save space on your countertop. It can hold lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, primers, powders, and facial tools like facial cleansing brushes and so on.

What reviewers say: “The organizer is a pretty bronze-ish color that is easy to see through so you don’t have to open drawers to see what you need. There is no assembly and in addition to the three large drawers and four small ones there is a detachable section for brushes, lipsticks and whatever else you want.”

Sorbus Clear Cosmetic Makeup Organizer $28.99 Buy Now at amazon

The Original Buddha Board

If she’s ever heard of art therapy and we’re interested in giving it a try, then the Buddha Board is a great gift for her this year. The Buddha Board lets you write, paint, and draw anything you like. Watch it relieve stress and clear your mind in a matter of minutes.

What reviewers say: “I originally bought this for my son, who loves to mess around with it, but I think I use it more than he does. There’s something incredibly relaxing about painting or writing and watching it dry up.”

The Original Buddha Board $37.95 Buy Now at amazon

Zadro Towel Warmer

There’s nothing more luxurious than coming out of the shower to a warm towel. The Zandro Towel Warmer is one of the easiest to use on the market with only two buttons: one that turns it on and off and another that times it for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. You can also use it to get warm-up bathrobes and pajamas on chilly winter nights.

What reviewers say: “After trying one at a friend’s house, we bought one, and my wife was very happy, until one day, 7 months later, it wouldn’t turn on. Contacted customer service through their website, about a week later, got an email from them asking for some more information, and today, a new unit was dropped off at our door! We had previously told several friends about these, and will continue to do so! So nice to find a company stand behind its product and warranty with no arguments!”

Zandro Towel Warmer $179.99  $144 Buy Now at amazon

Zandro Towel Warmer $179.99 Buy Now at bloomingdales

Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make for the meaningful gifts for women. This colorful, fill-in journal provides prompts for you to express just how much you care for your giftee, with specialized options available for moms, sisters, wives, best friends and more.

What reviewers say: “I absolutely love this little book! Yes it is small, about 3.5″ x 4.5″ but it’s perfect. I purchased this as a Valentine’s Day present for my fiance. I typed out all the prompts in a word document so I could remember what I had written and try to keep each one different. I didn’t want to repeat myself and go back through the pages scratching things out. I highly recommend doing it that way!”

Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book

Courtesy of Amazon

Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book $10 Buy Now at amazon

Beast Blender + Hydration System

Sure, top-of-the-line blenders are prized for their smoothie, soup and puree-making abilities. However, few are as beautiful as Beast’s blender and hydration system, boasting a sleek and minimal design fit for a modern kitchen. Looks aside, this appliance is built for ease of use, including a one-minute blend cycle that’s activated with the push of a button and a screw-on drinking lid and carry cap for on-to-go enjoyment.

Beast Blender + Hydration System

Courtesy of Amazon

Beast Blender + Hydration System $195 Buy Now at amazon

Molekule Air Mini+

The Molekule Air Mini+ is a great gift for any woman looking to improve the air quality in a smaller space, such as a studio apartment, bedroom, or personal office. It uses unique photoelectrochemical oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology to capture and destroy pollutants from the air. Best of all, it has a sleek design that fits in anyone’s home.

What reviewers say: “Purchased this Air Purifier because it is FDA approved for killing viruses, but really found it to be so much more than just that. The automated monitoring of air quality and speed adjustment to compensate means you can just turn on the device and not think about it. If you are looking for white noise maker, just turn this on high and it does a great job at that. Finally, the 6 month filter is easy to replace and the app tells you when it’s time to do so. No more carbon vs HEPA replacements to track on different cycles, this is a once every 6 month single filter change.”

Molekule Air Mini+ $349.99  $299 Buy Now at amazon

MignonandMignon Store Personalized Gifts Initial Necklace

If you’re looking for an inexpensive-yet-thoughtful gift for her, try MignonandMignon’s dainty charm necklaces that can be customized with the wearer’s birthstone and full initials. Available in gold, silver and rose-plated finishes, they make great gifts for bridesmaids or pretty much any woman on your list.

What reviewers say: “I purchased these as Mother’s Day gifts for my DILs. They are so beautiful and I know they will love them forever! Well worth the money and arrived earlier than expected.”

MignonandMignon Birthstone Initial Necklace

Courtesy of Amazon

MignonandMignon Store Personalized Gifts Initial Necklace $16 Buy Now at Amazon

Aura Carver Luxe HD Smart Digital Picture Frame

Another great sentimental gift for women, this digital picture frame is so popular it’s even made Oprah’s Favorite Things list. Not only does it have free unlimited cloud storage, but it also gives users the option to invite family and friends from around the world to share their favorite photos and videos through the Aura app. Plus, it uses special AI tech to curate related portraits side-by-side for a fun viewing experience. When gifting, you can upload images and a personalized message to the frame and even pre-set WIFI information for a hassle-free setup.

What reviewers say: “I am obsessed with this frame. It is so fun to use. My mother in law was gifted this so I downloaded the app so I could add pictures to her frame….I went out and bought my own frame a week later!! It is so fun to add all sorts of pictures and videos to this frame. Everyone that walks in immediately looks at it!”

Aura Carver Luxe HD Smart Digital Picture Frame

Courtesy of Amazon

Aura Carver Luxe HD Smart Digital Picture Frame $179 Buy Now at amazon

Zoreya Makeup Brush Set

Travel accessories like packing cubes and cosmetic containers are usually top of mind for frequent fliers, but proper makeup brush storage is often overlooked. This travel makeup brush set by Zoreya is ingenious for trips, short or long, complete with 12 compact, synthetic bristle makeup brushes for applying, blending and shading product.

What reviewers say: “The case matches the pink, it is sturdy, attractive, & easily to pack & carry. Brushes are great quality & wash well. Beautiful handles.”

Zoreya Makeup Brush Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Zoreya Makeup Brush Set $24 Buy Now at amazon

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Any woman can appreciate the gift of a personal masseuse in her own home — aka this portable back and neck massager available on Amazon. It has deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes and an optional heating function to penetrate and soothe tired muscles. And since it comes in the shape of a pillow, she can use it multiple ways — as a neck pillow she simply lays on, calf massager and more — without much effort on her part.

What reviewers say: “This seems well-made and works exactly as described. I am 6’4″ and have been having back pain and stiffness for the past two months, probably a result of long hours working at my desk without stretching and taking enough breaks. I started using this product today. The heat, massaging motion, and pressure all feel great on my tight back muscles. Hopefully this will last a long while with regular use.”

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager $64 Buy Now at amazon

Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

A lighted makeup mirror makes executing details like seamlessly blending foundation and perfecting a cat eye so much easier, especially if she lives in a space that doesn’t get good natural light (hello small New York City apartments). We love this version from Deweisn, which features 21 built-in LED lights for great luminosity, plus three mirrored panels with varying levels of magnification and a function that allows the mirror to rotate 180 degrees for viewing at many angles.

What reviewers say: “I bought this for my daughter for Christmas, and out of all her gifts. Some very expensive… she LOVED this the most! She is into makeup and she spoke most about the touch screen lighting and the magnification. I can tell a genuine smile from my kid vs a polite one…and hers was huge!! Made me happy that she loved it so much.”

Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror $43 Buy Now at amazon

Mateo Diamond Huggie

For timeless earrings that she can wear every day, these diamond and yellow-gold huggies by Mateo are flawless. She can wear them solo for subtle refinement or layer them with various studs, hoops, and danglers. An especially great luxury gift for wives, these are sure to make your spouse impressed with your impeccable taste.

Mateo Diamond Huggie $860 Buy Now at amazon

Geekera 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Dock

For the tech enthusiast who relies far too much on her gadgets, this relatively affordable gift idea for women can be considered the most thoughtful and useful gift to give this year. Power up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously on a minimalist, space-saving, three-in-one charging dock with an LED indicator that turns green when your gear is good to go. Finally, low-battery anxiety will be a thing of the past.

What reviewers say: “I work from home now, and I had one of these when I worked in office and it was life changing. I hate having 3 different cords and chargers for my watch, phone, and AirPods. This make it so much easier. One cord for all 3, and not having to physically plug in, can just rest/drop it on the specified area. AMAZING. It charges really fast and is clean and out of the way. I probably wouldn’t use this to travel, but I see how it could be useful. This item is a staple on my desk and will never go without it. Game Changer.”

Geekera 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Dock $52.98  $49.98 Buy Now at amazon

Joanna Vargas Glow to Go Mask Set

A sheet mask set is one of the most universally loved self-care gifts for women, and this five-sheet kit by celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas comes with a cult following. The secret sauce? A mask for every skin-care need, from those that are firm and smooth to brighten and deeply hydrate to aid in fine line reduction.

What reviewers say: “I use lots of different masks and facial products as well as regular facials. I’m not normally a fan of sheet masks but Joanna Vargas sheet masks are unbelievably effective. I feel like I just walked out of a high end facial after using these. I like to use them before special events, a big night out or sometimes just for a little skin pick me up!! Highly recommend!!”

Joanna Vargas Glow to Go Mask Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Joanna Vargas Glow to Go Mask Set $75 Buy Now at amazon

Tea Forte Soleil Gift Set

Tea lovers, rejoice! Tea Forte, the high-quality tea brand, has the cutest luxury gift set to spoil any woman on your gifting list. The set includes a limited edition yellow Café cup, a tea tray to hold your pyramid infuser after steeping, and a mini presentation box of 10 infusers. Teas included are Darjeeling Quince, Cherry Blossom, Wildflower Honey Citrus, Vanilla Rose, and Wild Berry Hibiscus.

What reviewers say: “What a delightful way to enjoy my afternoon tea! Yellow is definitely the new black! The cup and Tea Fortê cup and tea bag saucer are beautifully designed and seeing the wee leaf poking up in the center of the lid makes me smile each time. The accompanying teas are all delicious. The only caution is that when tea is brewing, the lid becomes as hot as the cup, so take care when it’s time to remove it by hand. This is a lovely gift to give a dear friend or your own dear self.”

Tea Forte Soleil Gift Set $60 Buy Now at neiman marcus

Tea Forte Soleil Gift Set $60 Buy Now at amazon

LARQ Bottle PureVis

For the hydration-obsessed woman in your life, look no further than LARQ‘s PureVis Water Bottle. Using the brand’s signature PureVis technology and non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED, this intelligent self-cleaning bottle activates every 2 hours to help keep your water and bottle clean between washes. Plus, it’s double-wall vacuum insulated to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

What reviewers say: “It is easy to hold insulated nice color. It has different modes from cleaning to travel. The charge of the uv light is easy and long lasting. You feel comfortable using this bottle everyday. Environment friendly no more single use bottles or those musty plastic bottles you take to the gym yikes.”

LARQ Bottle PureVis – Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle $99 Buy Now at amazon

LARQ Bottle PureVis – Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle $99 Buy Now at larq

Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

Upgrade her night eye shades with Nodpods’ Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask. Nodpod’s award-winning design lays softly across your head to apply gentle, evenly distributed pressure for a comforting fit and soothing experience. The blackout design contours to the face for a completely light-blocking experience to help one relax, find relief, and fall asleep faster. Plus, it has a pull-through strap design that’s adjustable and elastic-free and works for all sleep positions.

What reviewers say: “Recently started struggling with sleep due to increased light sensitivity and sleep masks never fit over the bridge of my nose well enough to block out light. Dug out the Nodpod I got years ago as a birthday gift and fell in love. It’s PERFECT. It conforms to my eyes and the shape of my nose so well, it’s like a blackout curtain for my face. I love that I can move it around in the night and adjust it as needed, opposed to sleep masks which really have just one setting. 

Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask $34 Buy Now at amazon

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WWD Store Calvin Klein Collection, Resort 1994

A framed vintage fashion print makes the perfect gift for any art or fashion lover in your life. This black and white photo from Calvin Klein’s Resort 1994 collection captures the elegance dressing simply and minimally and not flaunting what you have on your back. You can choose from a range of print sizes and fram options. The WWD Store offers a range of retro fashion prints, so you can also buy several together for a gallery wall or tabletop display.

WWD Store Calvin Klein Collection, Resort 1994 $20-$560 Buy Now at WWD

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum Gift Set

You’ll never hear us discourage purchasing a perfume gift set for anyone on your list. Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Jasmine is for the one who loves a flirty, fruity, and floral aroma. The duo set lets her feel like she’s in the middle of a flower field, regardless of where in the world she is. It has notes of gardenia flower, solar jasmine absolute, cheerful pear blossom accord, and sweet brown sugar accord. It’s feminine and cute but not overpowering.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum Gift Set $160 Buy Now at saks fifth avenue

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket V4

You could gift the self-care woman in your life a spa gift basket, but if you’re willing to splurge on a luxury gift for her, an infrared sauna blanket is one of the most unique wellness gifts she can use for years to come. While sauna blankets aren’t actually backed by hard scientific data yet, they are designed to have multiple health and wellness benefits — including detoxifying the body of toxins, relieving muscle tension, and even improving metabolic function for weight loss — with experts saying at the very least, they could be a solid option for relaxation. This buzzy style from HigherDose is one of the best infrared blankets you can buy. It’s created to detoxify at an intensity seven times higher than traditional saunas in order to encourage healthy blood circulation, relieve sore muscles and pains and decrease cortisol and increase serotonin to aid your body in regenerative relaxation.

Testing notes: “On Sunday evenings, I love hopping into my HigherDose Sauna Blanket to unwind and hit re-set for the week ahead. When I do it on a regular basis, I find that it seriously helps with any aches or sore muscles. It’s also the perfect — and most relaxing— complement to any of my at-home workouts.” — Nikki Chwatt, Style Commerce Editor

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket V4 $599 Buy Now at higher dose

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket V4 $599 Buy Now at revolve

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket V4 $699 Buy Now at nordstrom

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Augustinus Bader The Daily Essential Duo The Cream

Certain skin-care products have a cult-following, and Augustinus Bader’s The Cream is assuredly one of them. With every pump of this product amounting to pure radiance, it makes the perfect present for any skin-care lover, and one of the most decadent Mother’s Day gifts. With this duo you can be sure to have one at home and one on the go.

Testing notes: “I’ve been eager to try Augustinus Bader’s The Cream for a while so when I finally got my hands on it, I was delighted to learn that it did not disappoint. This lightweight cream has one of the silkiest textures I’ve ever felt in a face cream, and with only two pumps, it covers my face, neck, and decalogue. So, if you have sensitive skin like myself and typically follow a “less is more” approach when it comes to skin care, then this simple moisturizer will fit into your routine perfectly while helping you achieve gorgeous results. — Nikki Chwatt, Style Commerce Editor

Augustinus Bader The Daily Essential Duo The Cream $295 Buy Now at sephora

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Roam Foldy Puffy Sandal

Whether she’s dropping off her kids at school, walking on the beach, commuting to work, or going to drinks with a friend, Roam’s Foldy Puffy sandals will be there to keep her comfortable and chic. Just like the rest of its footwear, these cute summer sandals are made with a memory foam and neoprene sole that molds to the feet and keeps them cool and dry.

Editor testing and review notes: “I love these minimalistic yet bold sandals for summer. They’re stylish and hug in my narrow feet perfectly. Plus, the puffy faux leather upper plays into the padded trend we’re seeing across handbags and footwear.” — Style Commerce Editor, Nikki Chwatt

Roam Foldy Puffy Sandal $145 Buy Now at revolve

Roam Foldy Puffy Sandal $145 Buy Now at roam

Hatch Restore 2

Hatch’s newest smart clock is perfect for any woman who is looking to fix their sleep and improve their nighttime and morning routines. The device helps one fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed in a natural way that supports healthy cortisol levels. The Hatch Restore 2 offers much of the same functionality as the first edition, although its buttons have been reworked. An alarm toggle has been placed on the side (allowing you to enable or disable your scheduled alarms), and you’ll find two massive buttons on top of the unit. One begins your Rest routine, while the other snoozes or turns off your Rise routine.

What reviewers say: “Hatch has completely changed the way I wake up and fall asleep. I sleep throughout the night with the red light and sound machine, and wake up much easier and calmer in the morning with the sun light and chirping birds.”

Hatch Restore 2 $199.99 Buy Now at hatch

Our Place Wonder Oven

Kitchen appliances might not seem like the sexiest gift, but they most certainly are some of the most practical gifts for women who love cooking. Boasting more than an aesthetically-pleasing design, Our Place’s new Wonder Oven is the definition of an overachiever. It’s meant to replace the traditional air fryer since it’s a 6-in-1 tool that has the ability to air fry, bake, roast, toast, reheat, and broil. Using the brand’s steam infusion technology, the Wonder Oven ensures crispy exteriors and soft, moist interiors.

Our Place Wonder Oven $195 Buy Now at our place

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Shutterfly Gallery of Six Printed Wine Glass

Need a gift a for wine-loving woman in your life? She’ll appreciate these extra-special glasses that highlight treasured memories. The stemless style is customizable with up to six photos that you simply upload and orient on, so every time she takes a sip, she can be reminded of a special event, vacation or series of favorite moments you’ve shared together. Available for $10 each, this thoughtful gift for women can be bought as a full set.

Shutterfly Gallery of Six Printed Wine Glass

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Shutterfly Gallery of Six Printed Wine Glass $19  $10 Buy Now at shutterfly

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

When it comes to cozy gifts for women, few compare to a plush, luxury robe. Known for its modern aesthetic and use of high-quality fabrics, Parachute always hits the supremely snug mark. For an option that she can wear year-round, try this breathable Turkish cotton design from the brand, which boasts a fluffy four-ply gauz, tie-belt and two side pockets.

What reviewers say: “This is my favorite robe I have ever owned. It is soft, warm, functional, and flattering. I got the oatmeal/natural color and it is beautiful. I seriously don’t ever want to take it off after a shower. Great quality. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

Courtesy of Parachute

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe $109 Buy Now at parachute

Vitruvi x Mejuri Move Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser

Minimalist jewelry brand Mejuri and home fragrance brand Virtuvi have teamed up to create the perfect gift for the woman who wants her home to look and smell good. This gorgeous diffuser is cordless, allowing it to move easily around one’s home. Its gold sleek silhouette allows it to be disguised as a piece of decor that can be moved from the bedroom to the living room. It also has the option of 4-hour and 8-hour run times and can be customized to fit any daily routine. It’s compatible with any pure essential oil, including the one Mejuri co-created with Vitruvi, called Sejour, made with bergamot, geranium, and vetiver.

What reviewers say: “This diffuser took me a bit to figure out, but once I figured out a regular cleaning technique and charging protocol I fell in love with it. It diffuses essential oils with ease and instantly fills my room. The sleek design is exactly what I want and fits my style perfectly – I cannot recommend this enough!”

Vitruvi x Mejuri Move Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser $182 Buy Now at mejuri

Vitruvi x Mejuri Move Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser $182 Buy Now at virtuvi

CrateJoy TheraBox

Curated by therapists, this top-rated self-care subscription box from CrateJoy is truly a treat, featuring seven full-sized wellness products and one mood-boosting “happiness activity” she can practice throughout the day. Products include items like aromatherapy, natural bath and body and skin care goodies that are updated each month around a new theme. You save more when you gift her three, six or 12 months of boxes, but there’s also a one-time purchase option for $34 if you prefer going that route.

CrateJoy TheraBox

Courtesy of CrateJoy

CrateJoy TheraBox $30-$34 Buy Now at cratejoy

Nike Air Pulse Shoes

For the sneaker-obsessed woman, nothing will make her more excited than a fresh pair of white sneakers. This clean model was introduced on Air Max Day in 2023 and is surely a welcomed addition to the Air Max line of sneakers. It mixes retro and modern elements, such as the padded mesh material with a 360 synthetic leather overlay. While it’s designed to be a lifestyle sneaker for casual wear, she can use these for light athletic activities and even in the gym if she’s not planning to run. 

Nike Air Pulse Shoes $150 Buy Now at nike

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag was given its name for a reason — it’s literally everywhere! From the supermarket and the mall to amusement parks and concerts, you’re sure to spot two or three of them. It’s even been ruling the internet for a minute, and with good reason. It’s a simple yet durable purse that conveniently carries everything you need while keeping you hands-free. Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes and colors like Sonic Pink, Lulu Red, and Grey Sage, so anyone can find one to suit their mood.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag $38 Buy Now at lululemon

The Nori Press

If you’ve ever felt like your steamer or iron just isn’t cutting it, we’ve found a solution: Nori Press’ flat-iron meets iron and steamer. It’s made up of two heated plates that come together as you press and pull the device along your garments. You’re greeted by a small LED screen that displays six specific heat settings designed for use on different fabrics. All you have to do is press the corresponding button and fill up the small opening with water. It’s quick and easy to use and a favorite of Oprah’s, so you know you’re in good hands. 

Editor testing and review notes: “My mom had the Nori Press lying around her house, so when I found it, I grabbed it and never looked back! It’s super easy to use on a shirt or pair of pants while they’re on the hanger. Plus, it’s small enough to travel with and store in my New York City apartment yet big enough to be functional.” — Style Commerce Editor, Nikki Chwatt

The Nori Press $120 Buy Now at nori

The Nori Press $120 Buy Now at bloomingdales

Adidas Samba Shoes

If you’ve been seeing Adidas Samba Shoes all over the streets and the internet, you’re not alone. These shoes have taken over, becoming the most desirable adidas shoes of 2023. Their allure is no big mystery: With multiple celebrity fans, a quiet luxury appearance, a handful of cool collaborations (from Gucci to Wales Bonner), and a history that dates back to 1949, this is a fail-proof gift for any type of woman.

Adidas Samba Shoes $100 Buy Now at adidas

Nest New York x Bearaby Midnight Moss & Vetiver Gift Set

Treat the women in your life to a special gift that gives back. Fragrance and candle company Nest collaborated with weighted blanket-brand Bearaby on a limited-edition nature-inspired gift set. The luxury gift set includes a chic 15-pound Bearaby Midnight Moss Velvet Napper and a NEST New York Midnight Moss and Vetiver Classic Candle. Best of all, a portion of the sales will benefit NEXT for AUTISM.

What reviewers say: “This is my second NEST candle and I love it just as much as the first! The scent is wonderful, just enough without being overpowering. We keep it in our bathroom and it’s nice to light before taking a nighttime bath. Beautiful and well made!”

NEST New York x Bearaby Midnight Moss & Vetiver Gift Set $295 Buy Now at nest

NuFace Mini+ Starter Kit

As one of the most beloved microcurrent devices on the market, NuFace’s Mini tool seems to have mastered the art of offering face lift-like results in an entirely non-invasive treatment. An excellent luxury gift for women 60 years and older looking to turn back the clock, this facial massager is designed to cover lots of surface area to tighten, tone, and lift your face in a short amount of time — despite its petite size. To up the ante, go for this set, which includes the top-rated tool and the brand’s gel activator, silk crème activator, and clean sweep applicator brush for best results.

What reviewers say: “I just want to start off by saying I’m a licensed Esthetician and I have used this technology for a long time. It does work however naturally I’m a little skeptical as far a home devices go. Well I was pleasantly shocked to be wrong in this case. I filmed a video treating one side of my face and you can clearly see the difference side by side. Lifts, tightens and also aids in stimulating new cells. The only suggestion I have for people is to make sure you apply a gel / cream to conduct because it can be rather uncomfortable if you don’t!”

NuFace Mini+ Starter Kit $245  Buy Now at nuface

NuFace Mini+ Starter Kit $245  Buy Now at sephora

NuFace Mini+ Starter Kit $245  Buy Now at dermstore

This makeup artist-approved cosmetic case promises to be her new favorite for on-the-go beauty storage. Courtesy of Shay Mitchell’s popular travel bag brand Beis, the spacious design has four slip pockets, a removal mirror that’s great for touch-ups and another pocket to insert brushes. Bonus: The brush pouch is removable if you’re tight on space in your luggage.

Beis The Cosmetic Case

Courtesy of Beis

Beis The Cosmetic Case $68 Buy Now at beis

 And Artificer Wood Works Jayne Riew Custom Meditation Box

Looking for a personalized gift for women that doesn’t feel cheesy? Feast your eyes on this calming meditation box, filled with fine sand and a customizable inscription. The best part: It’s compact and sleek — perfect for anxious travelers or those in need of calm on the go.

 and Artificer Wood Works Jayne Riew Custom Meditation Box

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

 And Artificer Wood Works Jayne Riew Custom Meditation Box $125 Buy Now at uncommon goods

Bombas Gripper Slippers

Could the woman you’re gifting use something comfy to slip on? Think of Bombas’ Gripper Slippers as part slipper, part sock. They have a slim profile, a cozy feel, a chic patterned design and are great for those who don’t require extra cushioning to keep their feet warm while walking around the house.

Bombas Gripper Slippers $45 Buy Now at bombas

Eberjey Gisele Two-Piece Pajama Sleepwear Set

A supremely soft pajama set is a great gift idea for any woman. A buttery soft and cooling design, Eberjey’s Gisele duo is the best in class. The classic pants and top combo also come in men’s sizes, so if you’re shopping for a couple, they can adorably match.

Eberjey Gisele Two-Piece Pajama Sleepwear Set $138 Buy Now at eberjey

Larroude x Lingua Franca Love Wins Sleeper

Larroudé and Lingua Franca have teamed up to create the dreamiest and most gift-worthy Love Wins Sleeper slippers. Longtime friends and fashion industry veterans Marina Larroudé and Rachelle Hruska merge their shared passion for crafting exquisite tokens of their love with women’s slippers that are made with soft velvet fabric and an insole with memory foam cushion. This luxury gift idea for women comes in three colorways with the option for customizable stitching. 

Larroude x Lingua Franca Love Wins Sleeper $190 Buy Now at larroude

Skims Boyfriend Loose Pants

What’s a better gift for women than sweatpants that are designed to be worn out of the house? Skims’ Boyfriend Loose Pants are made of a soft modal and available in six neutral colorways. They feature an elastic waistband, pockets, and an oversized cut for a comfortable fit. No matter if she wears them to brunch with a bodysuit or to the movies with a hoodie, she’ll be warm and stylish.

What reviewers say: “I love almost everything about these pants. I own a LOT of Skim pajama pants and these are by far the most comfortable and soft. My only complaint is, I wish they had more colors and would restock so I could order more.”

Skims Boyfriend Loose Pants $58 Buy Now at skims

Baloo Weighted Blanket

Need a fun and cozy gift idea for a woman on your list who could use a little relaxation? Baloo’s Weighted Blanket is the one for you. It has a soft and breathable cool cotton that molds to the body like a gentle hug. It’s also 100% chemical free and made with natural materials so you can feel good about using it 24/7.

What reviewers say: “Perfect size for traveling by car-travel bag included. Helped me deal with motion sickness. Helps me at night for restlessness. I only want/need it for my legs-again, perfect size. I am 5’2”- perfect size for me to cover me from shoulders to ankles. Instant calming effect. Well crafted-stitching, design and high quality fabric.”

Baloo Weighted Blanket $179-$249 Buy Now at baloo

Costa Brazil Home & Away Duo

Small gifts for her needn’t feel insignificant if over-the-top presents aren’t your vibe. A candle and rollerball perfume, like Costa Brazil’s Home & Away Duo, always makes for a winning gift. Few can resist the spicy citrus and aromatic wood that brings a refined feel to any space.

Costa Brazil Home & Away Duo $175 Buy Now at costa brazil

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The M Jewelers Single Letter 10-Karat Gold Choker

Both opulent and thoughtful, a customizable initial necklace is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable gifts for her. To perfectly suit her layering preferences, this personalized gift idea is available in 10K yellow gold and with an adjustable chain.

The M Jewelers Single Letter 10-Karat Gold Choker $328 Buy Now at the m jewelrs

Rimowa Essential Check-In L Suitcase

Avid travelers are no strangers to luggage wear and tear, often requiring a new piece or two over time. A sleek upgrade, Rimowa’s Essential Check-In L suitcase will excite the frequent flier in your life. It boasts best-in-class functionality — from its high-tech features to a strong-yet-lightweight polycarbonate construction. Plus, it’s available in a striking Bamboo-green finish, and it comes with a complimentary leather luggage tag and sticker set for easy identification at the airport.

Editor testing and review notes: “Once I got my hands on a Rimowa suitcase, I learned that there is no going back. These luggages are where form meets function. For starters, the wheels and the handle are exceptional. The wheels, which are a patented design, glide in their own smooth way that feels like they’ve been greased and ready for action. Plus, they can withstand any cracks or crevasses while still keeping up with my fast pace. The handles don’t feel flimsy when you tug it tightly, running to your connection.” — Style Commerce Editor, Nikki Chwatt

Rimowa Essential Check-In L Suitcase

Courtesy of Amazon

Rimowa Essential Check-in L Suitcase $1125 Buy Now at rimowa

Smythson Portobello Notebook

These days, to-do lists most often live on smartphones. But this crocodile-embossed leather notebook makes for an ultra-stylish luxury gift for the woman who loves putting pen to paper. The best part? Whether you monograph it with initials or their first name, it’s customizable.

Smythson Portobello Notebook $425 Buy Now at smythson

Westman Atelier Le Box

When seeking out the best makeup gifts for women, celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman’s Le Box is guaranteed to excite the beauty enthusiast on your list. This three-piece clean beauty set takes inspiration from naturally sun-kissed skin and embraces a minimalist approach to makeup, featuring a lightweight skin tint, blush, and highlight stick for a warm natural glow.

Westman Atelier Le Box

Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

Westman Atelier Le Box $173 Buy Now at nordstrom

Matouk Milagro Bath Sheet

The chicest way to take interior design to the next level? With monogrammed cocktail napkins. Whether you’re shopping for the hostess with the mostest or someone newly decorating their dining room, Matouk’s Wave Cocktail Napkins make for a surefire present. The eye-catching wave design is made of linen and features a detailed embroidered border that adds depth to any tablescape. Choose from one of the four colorways and add her monogram for a special touch.

Matouk Wave Cocktail Napkins $85 Buy Now at matouk

Two Pet Portrait Watercolor Portrait

For the pet-loving lady in your life, think outside the box when going the personalized route with more creative gifts for women, like this customizable pet watercolor portrait. You can choose from various sizes, frames, and backgrounds to ensure the pet lover on your list loves her new art piece.

Two Pet Portrait Watercolor Portrait $79.20 Buy Now at etsy

Avaline The Essentials

Founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, female-led wine brand Avaline prioritizes clean ingredients and transparent production. For these reasons, the label’s The Essentials pack makes one of the best wine gifts this season. Complete with three varietals — a red wine, white wine and rosé — it’s the perfect pack to put out at any gathering or simply to keep stocked in your bar.

Avaline The Essentials

Courtesy of Drink Avaline

Avaline The Essentials $215  $200 Buy Now at avaline

Mejuri Pavé Diamond Bar Bracelet

Jewelry is a great way for her to elevate her style, and Mejuri’s pieces make it easy. Not only are the quality and style amazing — but so are the price points. Just look at its timeless and versatile Pavé Diamond Bar Bracelet. This everyday piece is made of 14k solid gold and .138ct diamonds that are responsibly sourced from suppliers who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices. While it’s dainty, it will stand out on its own or as part of a bracelet stack.

Mejuri Pavé Diamond Bar Bracelet $550 Buy Now at mejuri

Mansur Gavriel M Frame Bag

Indulge the special someone on your list who’s truly worth the splurge with Mansur Gavriel’s M Frame Bag. Our editors even reviewed it to learn that it checks off all the boxes of what a designer handbag should be and have. Plus, the supple leather, the unique design that mimics the brand’s logo, and the one-shoulder strap add the extra special polish we crave when opening gifts on holiday mornings.

Testing notes: “The M Frame Bag is a chic yet functional everyday accessory that I love to take out. The bag’s double zipper closure makes me not worry about items falling or spilling out but lets me easily access my belongings. There is also one internal compartment so I can stay somewhat organized.” — Nikki Chwatt, Style Commerce Editor

Mansur Gavriel M Frame Bag $795 Buy Now at mansur gavriel

Mansur Gavriel M Frame Bag $795 Buy Now at nordstrom

Jennifer Fisher Salt Trio

Jennifer Fisher may be best known for her jewelry, but she’s also an accomplished home chef. During her time in the kitchen, Fisher concocted a trio of custom-blended salts to add instant flavor to any dish. Her custom salt trio box lets you pick and choose your flavor of salts — universal, spicy, and curry — to impress any top chef in your life.

Editor testing and review notes: “Whether I’m cooking salmon, chicken, or making a salad, Jennifer Fisher’s salt is always my last step. With just a sprinkle, these salts add instant flavor to my favorite dishes and keep me in the clean plate club.” — Nikki Chwatt, Style Commerce Editor

Jennifer Fisher Salt Trio $30 Buy Now at jennifer fisher

Wilson Farrah Pleated Skort

Whether she’s into tennis or pickleball, she will need a skort to ace her on-court look. Wilson’s Farrah Pleated Skort is the perfect option. It’s a half-skirt, half-short design with storage pockets for balls at the hip. The fabric has a slight stretch, so they don’t feel too constricting when you’re making moves on the court. Plus, it features Wilson’s signature moisture-wicking technology that expertly pulls moisture away from the skin, creating a quick-drying, weightless effect. If you’re feeling extra nice, grab the matching top so she can have a complete outfit and be the most stylish player out there.

Wilson Farrah Pleated Skort $88 Buy Now at wilson

Ian Charms The Strawberry Necklace

What do Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Hilary Duff, Pete Davidson, and Harry Styles have in common? They’re all huge fans of Ian Charms, the LA-based jewelry brand specializing in charm jewelry. Ian Charm’s necklaces and bracelets are not only beloved because of their maximalist and fun aesthetic but also because they’re designed mindfully, with ceramic charms from a family business in Peru and glass charms from Ukraine. This strawberry necklace is a fan favorite meant to put a smile on one’s face; however, there are many other joyful options. Ian Charms even gives you a chance to totally customize your own piece.

Ian Charms The Strawberry Necklace $165 Buy Now at ian charms

The Different Types of Gifts for Women

Luxury Gifts for Women: If the woman on your list is often the best-dressed, look to cool designer gifts for her, like a high-end shoulder bag, summer dress, or designer sneakers. Specifically for the minimalist fashion lover, look to Mansur Gavriel’s M Frame Bag and Adidas Samba shoes for every day. On the other hand, complement a maximalist’s aesthetic with dynamic gifts like Celine oversized sunglasses.

Shopping for trendy, cool gifts doesn’t mean you have to invest in something expensive, though. Instead, there are many cozy presents, such as a plush robe, women’s slippers, or throw blankets across all price points to fit any budget.

Trendy and Timeless Beauty Gifts for Her: Whether it’s a luxurious body lotion or a new eyeshadow palette, the self-dubbed beauty maven will always find space in her already-full cabinets for another product. The TikTok-famous Revlon One-Step styler is another great option since it’s an affordable alternative to the Dyson hair dryer. Also, remember that you could also seek self-care and beauty gift sets since they suit different needs, and you usually get a bang for your buck. Also, consider the latest cutting-edge skincare and wellness tools, like a high-end microcurrent device, infrared sauna blanket, or weighted eye mask, for a gift that will truly wow. 

Practical Tech Gifts for Women: If she already has everything, go the tech gifts route. There are many tried-and-true options, such as a new Apple watch, noise-canceling headphones, or monogrammed iPhone case. There are also new coveted tech gifts that don’t sacrifice style for practicality, like Molekule’s Air Mini+, which will improve the air quality of one’s home, and LARQ’s PureVis water bottle, which cleans itself using non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology.

Heirloom-Quality Jewelry Gifts for Her: There’s nothing more special than opening a box filled with precious, shining jewels. If you want to follow the jewelry trends of 2023, seek out fun gold hoops, chunky drop earrings, bangle bracelets, or Y2K-inspired pendant necklaces. Of course, you can also go for something more classic, coveted, and eternally cherished, like a tennis necklace or drop earrings.

Gifts for New Moms: Have a first-time mom on your list? While jewelry such as a personalized necklace with the baby’s birthday or a birthstone is a go-to choice, consider giving her a present that promotes rest, relaxation, and self-care. You can’t go wrong with under-eye patches, silk pajamas, or a bath bomb gift set since these items will keep her comfortable and have her feeling pampered while caring for her young baby.

Creative and Unique Home Gifts for Women: When shopping for a woman who has everything, creative and unique gifts in the home decor or wellness department are great ways to go. For example, if she’s an aesthete with impeccable taste, a thoughtful piece of home décor can help her transform a room. Or, if she’s a jet setter, a solid piece of luggage or a travel pillow will help make the prep for her next vacation much easier. No matter her hobbies, rare self-care accessories and unusual gifts like unexpected-yet-stylish home decor are superb choices.

Thoughtful and Sentimental Gifts for Women: Anything personalized can always steer you right for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or special event gift, including pieces like a digital picture frame, monogrammed jewelry, or wine glass that you can customize with multiple photos. If you’re shopping for your wife or a romantic gift for your girlfriend, a fill-in journal in which you can write special love notes makes for a supremely romantic gift.

As previously mentioned, keeping your giftee’s interests and hobbies in mind when shopping is crucial since it shows you put thought into her gift and ensures it will actually be something she’ll use. For example, tennis, yoga, and running gifts, like a sleek new racket, buttery-soft pair of leggings, or stylish yet made-to-perform sneakers, will suit fitness fanatics.

How We Selected the Best Gifts for Women

Since 1910, WWD — often referred to as “the fashion bible” — has been the leading industry voice of authority for senior executives in the global women’s and men’s fashion, retail, and beauty communities, while also informing the consumer media that cover the market. Today, WWD’s breaking news and trend coverage continues to be a trustworthy resource for both fashion insiders and consumers alike. Our shopping editors continue to uphold WWD’s editorial standards and values with quality, expert-backed product selections.

To curate this gift guide, we’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and reviewing the best gifts for all women — whether she’s a beauty enthusiast, fashion lover, wellness fan, or the ‘hostess with the mostest.’

Many product brands submit special offerings and new releases each week to the WWD Shop team. While sourcing new gift ideas, we also looked at past product reviews and items we tested in 2023 to make sure we could highlight some of our favorite gift items to consider for the women in your life. We regularly consult experts for all of our shopping guides, we were able to also add women’s gift ideas that come highly recommended from the fashion and beauty industry.

We’ll continue to update this guide throughout 2023 to find a gift for every woman in your life, no matter the occasion. So make sure to check back soon, even for last-minute gift ideas.

Meet the Authors

Nikki Chwatt is the Style Commerce Editor for Footwear News and WWD, where she writes and edits stories on the latest clothing and shoe trends. She is at the forefront of all consumer trends with a keen eye for the latest, greatest, and classics of what people wear, buy and love. She’s tested hundreds of products during her time as an editor, so she’s well-versed in selecting the products that make meaningful and practical gifts for any and all special women in your life. Chwatt has updated this story in June of 2023 with more coveted gift ideas any woman would love to receive.

Adam Mansuroglu is the Director of Commerce for Fairchild Media Group, overseeing beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content as the editor of WWD’s Shop vertical. Prior to his current role, the Brooklyn native has covered men’s and women’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends for over 10 years. His writing, which includes reviews and shopping gift guides, has been featured in a number of publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, and Out Magazine. Learn more about us here.

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