Online Brand Building, Photography and Art by Naina Redhu The New Balcony

I seem to be enjoying the balcony in the new apartment more than I’d imagined. Mainly because I had no idea what the balcony even looked like when the apartment was confirmed and what I see now is a wonderful surprise.

This is me, after attending an art exhibit, posing the the balcony at 9 pm on a Friday night.

I’m wearing a t-shirt from my own art label : the Salt Ponds Red, SF. Unisex t-shirt in black. ( I have my own art merch now, available to shop on my online store! Shipping worldwide! )

T-shirts are currently available in white and black versions. The print on the black tees is a full plasticky rubber print, whereas the print on the white tees is a breathable rubber print and not at all plasticky. Personally, I prefer the white ones because the colours look richer but my clients seem to prefer the black t-shirts!

I’m also wearing my own art label’s brooch called Extant from the ALIVE Series of hand-cut-paint sculptural brooches. This one is 2.5 inches in diameter and you can see all the available-to-acquire brooches on my online shop, here.

Below is the full-frame view of the shot, with the ceiling above my balcony, the door frame and even a bit of the lens-cap that’s propping up the camera lens to keep perspective straight.

Moved to the new apartment literally 4 days ago. Still living amongst stacked cardboard boxes, unpacking slowly. It isn’t a big change because it is still the same residential complex but it’s a different tower. A friend of mine said that this is my “post-pandemic” home and it kind of feels like it, even though the pandemic isn’t technically over. Not everyone can afford a reset like this, so, while I’m EXHAUSTED and spent a lot of money on the move, I’m grateful that I had the option.

Here’s to more opportunities and a fresh perspective.

And here’s to a full-on “dukaan”! I feel like a dukaandaar with all the vendors and coordination and merchandise and customers and packing and shipping. I launched the first ever tee on the store in the last week of July and then the rest were released together in the second week of August and it’s been absolutely mental since then and I would not have it any other way.

If you’re looking for festive gifts, I’ve even put together a Festive Edit for 2021!

In the above photographs, I’m wearing a skirt by Diaries Of Nomad, shoes by PUMA. Shot on the Nikon D800 using the 24-70mm f2.8 lens using a remote trigger in my hand.

Expect many more balcony photos!

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