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Research & Findings

Before I committed to the product, I read up about it, a lot. One thing I read over and over again was the nasty smell of the product. When I did, eventually, get the product, and used it for the first time, I couldn’t understand the hate towards the smell! If you drink a bit of apple cider vinegar here and there, the smell of P50 is nothing.

But then I’m the kind of person who will go into a public toilet in India and not gag even when the room is a gas chamber saturated with ammonia and several other bodily gases. Yes it’s rank but I also have to pee. My nose can handle the discomfort for 30 seconds.

Anyway, I digress, if you live in India, you can live with the smell of P50. It’s not that bad. And you’re getting rid of acne – there’s a lot of shit I’ll put up with to get rid of acne.

The Phenol Angle

The original Lotion P50 ( called P50 1970 ) used to have Phenol in it. Phenolic Acid. The ingredient is now banned in several countries like Canada and also banned in Europe – usage in skin products is banned. Although, I do not understand why. Phenolic acid is used to preserve cadavers – I’m sure it would do great to preserve my aging skin! Bring it BACK! Sadly, P50 1970 does not retail in India.

P50 is the closest you will get to the original formulation, without the Phenol. This is what I’m currently using. I started out with P50W, which is supposed to be for the most sensitive skin. I have, in the past, usually gone with the nuclear option on my face. Using the strongest antibiotics and the strongest strength acids like 60% Salicylic / 80% Lactic / 60% Glycolic. Directly on my skin. But this time, I decided that I should start gently and first see how it goes.

I used P50W for well over a month : 25th June to 1st August. The Lotion P50 delivery from Kosa Wellbeing arrived on the 1st of August and since then, I have been using P50. There’s a little P50W left over in the 50 ml bottle still and I carry it with me when I travel.

How I Use It

I apply it every day, twice a day.

At night after washing my face. I shake out a few drops of P50 straight into the palm of my hand and pat it all over my face and neck and cleavage. Sometimes, I put a moisturizer, sometimes, I don’t and go straight to bed.

I also apply it in the morning after I wake up. Considering that I don’t have to go out of the apartment during the lockdown, there is almost no Sun exposure, so I don’t mind applying it in the day. A few drops in the palm of my hand, pat onto face. Let it dry for a minute, then in the same fashion I apply a little concoction that I’ve created on my own. A mixture of Beauty water ( 70% of total volume ) + Ascorbic Acid ( 5% of total volume ) + Hyaluronic Acid ( 20% of total volume ) + Tea Tree Oil ( 5%of total volume ).

These are approximate percentages. There is no scientific basis for this concoction. I came up with it because I did not want to buy a Vitamin C Serum but I wanted to put non-oxidized Vitamin C on my face. I mix a fresh batch of this concoction once every 15 days. When I’m lazy then I mix it every 30 days. I store it in a 50 ml dark plastic spray bottle – minimal light & air interaction so that the Vit C doesn’t oxidize as quickly. I would prefer a glass bottle but haven’t been able to locate a 50 ml one. Followed by moisturizer. And that’s it. If I have to put any makeup on during the day for a shoot etc., I just apply it over this.

I have been following this routine each day since 25th of June now.

My skin looks better. Feels better. Because there has been a reduction in acne and white/black heads, I don’t pick my face as much, which means even lesser acne & white heads, which means I almost completely stopped picking at my face, which means I have no acne and maybe I’ll dig out one white head in 15 days. Even when I’m in the throes of being anxious, I’ve stopped picking at my face.

I still have dark spots from sun damage and previous acne scars and capillary damage – but I don’t care. Those will go away too, in time. There’s P50 PIGM 400 for that. Which I intend to order as a gift for myself for the upcoming new year.

Nothing has helped my skin more than P50. I’ve done the whole dermatologist appointments, skin laser ( horrendously painful and expensive ), professional and home-made acid peels, antibiotics that fucked up my hormones, clean diet, no alcohol, etc. I’ve tried everything. Nothing helped. My hormones were fine but I still had painful and plentiful acne on and under my jaw line. This has simply disappeared. I don’t know how P50 worked but it did.

I have not made any changes in my lifestyle. I have not started exercising ( I plan to change that – hopefully – fingers crossed ). I have not been taking any other medication. Stress levels are pretty much the same although I do have slightly more inner peace than before. The only change I have made is P50.

Now, I don’t know what’s going in inside my body hormones-wise. Maybe pre-menopause has hit and that’s made some internal changes perhaps? P50 was recommended to me by Akanksha. She’s had similar results although her acne was nowhere near as bad as mine. And she’s not pre-menopausal by any means.

Suggestions & Things To Keep In Mind

The point is, there’s no harm in giving P50 a shot. The 150ml P50 bottle that I have, when I purchased it, cost Rs. 5,000 including shipping. 1st August to 1st September to 1st October and the bottle is not even 1/3rd empty. It will last me at least 6 months and this is when I use it liberally. I got a bad case of ingrown hair due to shaving on my upper arms – I’ve been putting P50 there as well for the last one week. So, my usage is pretty liberal.

Precautions : I am not a doctor

As per my usual skin product precautions, please check with your doctor before using this product. My skin is pretty tough but it still stings and gets red sometimes when I use P50. The products isn’t an off-the-shelf item – get a skin consultation and then decide the strength / type of P50 to get for yourself. Start with the smallest 50ml size and take it from there. Use it religiously.

Good luck! I hope you have the same success I did!

I use nothing else on my skin.

Where To Order From

Order from : KOSA Wellbeing ( They don’t have a website but they are responsive on their Instagram DMs and you can also email them on ) Tell them I sent you!

If you order and use this product & find it useful, BUY ME A BEER!


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