Is Grailed legit, is Grailed authentic, and what is Grailed?

We can’t answer the question is Grailed legit or is Grailed authentic, but we know that Grailed was founded in 2013 as an online store focusing on second-hand and resale fashion, and it’s based in New York.

Did you know that you can find many of the same items that are available on Grailed as second-hand goods, on italist, brand-new, for cheaper?

Is Grailed Legit?

Grailed is a peer-to-peer luxury fashion reseller, meaning that all of the products are considered second-hand, having been owned by another consumer before being listed on Grailed. italist sells only new, unused merchandise, and verifies its product sourcing with strict contractual agreements and individual invoices that prove the authenticity of any single item. Any item listed on italist is backed by a contract and an invoice with the brand.

is grailed legit

So is Grailed authentic? Grailed does not have an active, physical role (like authentication or shipping) in the transaction process, so there are opportunities for scammers to sell inauthentic items. Grailed’s return policy states that returns are only eligible if the seller’s description of the item is inaccurate.

italist is legit and has been since 2014, operating from offices in Los Angeles and with extensive documentation of its legitimacy, including a 50-point partner checklist and good standing with the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles.

italist is rooted in deep relationships with the best independent Italian luxury boutiques and has many Italian team members. Additionally, italist offers free express shipping on every order, a broad catalog of over 1,500 brands, a strong social media following, and two-way communication with all our shoppers, even when there’s a problem.

Is Grailed a good deal?

Many product prices on Grailed are actually higher, for a second-hand item, than they are on italist for a brand new one. For trending brands like Prada and Bottega Veneta, you can frequently find better deals on italist than you can on Grailed.

prada outerwear price comparison grailed and italist

For example, as of this publishing, Prada’s reversible nappa leather and nylon bomber retails in the U.S. for $5,700. On Grailed, one in “new condition” is listed for $4,450. On italist, where we have a guaranteed and certified sourcing process, the same jacket is listed for $3,729, a nearly $700 savings vs. Grailed, and $2,000 savings vs. full retail price.

Another example is Bottega Veneta’s “Virgule” bag: $3,100 from Bottega Veneta directly, $3,700 on Grailed, and $2,314 on italist. A $790 savings vs. retail, and $1,400 vs. Grailed. Buy brand new and save on italist!

bottega veneta handbag price comparison italist and grailed

So is Grailed legit? We cannot say, but here is a quick comparison of italist vs. Grailed:

italist vs. Grailed

italist Grailed
Founded 2014 2013
Based In U.S.A. 🇺🇸 U.S.A. 🇺🇸
Brand-New, In-Season
Free Express Shipping Always Varies by seller
Sourcing Official retailers + brands Individuals
Certification From the brand (contract + invoice) Virtually by internal team
Rating on 4.5 3.9
Rating on 4.5 1.2
Rating on 4.8 1.1

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save with confidence on italist

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