How to wear black booties with jeans

Stuck for how to wear black booties with jeans? 12 outfit ideas for all cuts of jeans & styling tips

How to wear black booties with jeans or any booties with jeans can get tricky or easily end up with the same look on repeat. It really comes down to the type of booties and the cut and style of jeans you’re planning on wearing. Combat boots tend to give a very different look to stiletto open toe booties and therefore need styling a bit differently. Black booties are one of those classic style wardrobe essentials. They’re not a massive fashion trend this year but that doesn’t mean to not wear them. There’s really 2 ways to wear booties with jeans under or over but so many ways to style those 2 looks and do’s and don’ts to make them work. So whether you’re planning on straight, skinny or wide-leg jeans, these are some ways to style your black booties and jeans from classic to fashion forward outfit ideas.

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After reading this hopefully you’ll know:

  • When to wear booties under or over jeans.
  • How to wear booties with all cuts of jeans: wide, bootcut, skinny jeans etc.
  • What kinds of jeans go the best with different styles of boots.
  • Have lots of jeans with booties outfit ideas.

How to wear booties with jeans style guide

It can be tricky knowing how to style black booties with jeans to make them look flattering. Mainly because there’s so many styles of boots and jeans to choose from. Which is why I wanted to give you lots of different outfit ideas and style tips for all kinds including boyfriend jeans, flared jeans or your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

So grab your best boots and give these different options a go to get more wear out of your favorite booties.

Can you wear black booties with jeans?

Do black ankle boots go with jeans? Yes, absolutely, black booties with jeans is a classic look. It just all comes down to choosing the right color and cut of jeans to go with the style of booties for the most flattering look.

Black booties tend to work best with jeans for Fall and Winter rather than in warmer weather or with jean shorts as they can look too heavy. I tend to go with lighter shades of booties like pink and white for Spring with dresses or shorts.

How do you wear jeans with booties 2023

Straight leg jeans are a more fashion forward way to wear jeans with booties in 2023 than skinny or flared jeans. High waisted jeans like Agolde 90s straight leg jeans are one of Revolves best sellers. You can still cuff your jeans but it’s a bit outdated for 2023. If you really want to do it, try rolling them for a more casual and effortless look.

Another big trend for 2023 is crop tops. If crop tops aren’t for you, try them under sheer shirts or blazers for a bit more coverage. I’ve been wearing my ankle boots with leather pants more than jeans this season. As they’re warmer and more on trend but am about to get my jeans back into rotation.

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Can you wear jeans over booties?

Yes styling jeans over booties tends to work better for most styles of ankle boots but it doesn’t work with all styles of boots. As a general rule, if your booties are short don’t tuck your jeans in as they’ll just keep coming out. If you’re booties are longer e.g almost to your calves, they’ll probably look best tucked into skinny jeans.

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Skinny, straight leg or wide leg jeans with booties?

The jeans you wear will depend on the boots you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a pair where the detailing or logo is at the top and you want it to be seen, skinny jeans tucked into the boots or even leggings are the way to go. If you’re looking for a more casual look and don’t care about showing off the top of your boots, wider or bootcut jeans work the best.

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Easy & flattering monochromatic booties and jeans outfit

Black jeans look great with black boots for a sleek monochromatic look. This is one of the simplest way to wear this and look works particularly well if you’re petite like me. Styling black jeans with a pair of black booties doesn’t cut you off at the ankles like mixing 2 colors would. Instead it creates a longer, unbroken silhouette and is one of the most flattering ways to wear black booties with jeans.

A lot of blues don’t look that great with black either. So styling black booties with black denim solves that problem and is probably the easiest and most classic way to style your ankle boots. Which is why it’s probably my favorite way to wear this look. Especially with either straight leg or black skinny jeans to look even more streamlined.

To make this look work the best go for a wash that matches your boots. EG if you have distressed boots, go for distressed black jeans. If you have brand new black booties, a plain black wash is perfect. The idea is to create as seamless a transition between the pants and boots as possible.

How to style black booties with jeans to show off your booties

If you want to show off your booties either roll or cuff your jeans, go for a narrow pair that you can tuck into the boots without creating bulk. Another option is to look for a split hem that the boots can be seen through. High low hem jeans are another great option for showing off sock boots or boots with detailing like chains, gold hardware or the logo at the top.

I know I said before it’s not really in to cuff for 2023 but just because something’s not necessarily “in” doesn’t mean it isn’t a classic or can’t be done. Go for whatever’s the most flattering on you, more than what’s in style right now.

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Classic Fall black booties with jeans outfit

If you’re wanting to wear booties with jeans on a rainy day a trench coat will always be a classic. It’s a great option for styling this look when it’s damp out. It doesn’t matter whether you do blue or black jeans for this look or go for neutral or a bright color on top. It’s stylish and the elongated top makes for a flattering silhouette.

Classic casual black booties with jeans outfit

Style your jeans and booties with a plain sweatshirt layered over a button down shirt for a classic and chic look. I like layering as I tend to boil inside if I just go for one thick layer. You can either go completely black with this look, wear a black sweater over a white button down or break up the look with colors on top.

It’s a versatile look that can be worn in a lot of different ways. This outfit combo works really well with pointed toe heeled boots as well as Chelsea boots but it all comes down to personal preference.

Americana Fall favorite

A simple and casual outfit for fall is either black heeled, cowboy boots or flat booties with black or blue jeans and a plaid shirt. Perfect for going for apple cider and to Pumpkin patches. I also like this look with blue or black jeans and brown or white ankle boots.

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Effortless everyday casual booties and jeans outfit

Black jeans + white t-shirt + black booties = effortless everyday casual. It’s one of those boots and jeans outfits that’s to dress up or down depending on the style of bootie. As well as how you accessorize your outfit. Flat ankle boots or block heels will obviously look more casual than stiletto heels.

Go for a graphic tee or plain white tee depending on your personal style. To elevate this look a little bit, layer a blazer over the top.

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Layer up

I’m a fan of layering so that I can always be the right temperature. Pieces like an oversized sweater, scarf, duster cardigan, jean jacket or black leather jacket are all easy to layer with. They also go with pretty much any style of jeans and boots.

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Flare or wide leg jeans and booties outfits

Wide leg jeans look great with a bodysuit or contrasting dimensions or a trending top to make this look on trend for 2023. They work with pretty much any pair of boots. My personal preference is a less chunky shoe like a pointed pair of boots so that it’s not too much bulk. It also helps to keep the look more elegant. Just make sure the top of the bootie goes high enough to go completely under the jeans.

This look works just as well with brown booties as black. Trends in the past have included cropped wide leg pants with ankle booties but this is an incredibly difficult look to pull off without it making your legs look super short and disproportionate.

How to style combat boots and jeans

Because combat boots tend to have an edgier look they look great with more casual laid back styles. Think distressed or ripped denim jeans or baggy styles that are wide enough to go over them.

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Some do’s and don’ts of wearing black booties and jeans

When it comes to styling booties and jeans there are a few rule of thumb to follow. These styling tips will help you to get the most flattering looks and not have jeans bagging over your boots! Booties can easily make you look shorter if not styled correctly. Here’s how to not have them cut you off at the ankle.

  1. If you’re wearing your booties under your jeans, make sure the hem of your jeans is long enough to go over the top of the boots. This stops the issue of them getting stuck in the top of the boots.
  2. Make sure your straight-leg jeans are either wide enough to fit over, or long enough and skinny enough to go under without bagging over or having too much excess material.
  3. Wide leg and mom jeans work best over the boots and not under which can make your pants look like pantaloons!
  4. If you’re petite try to make sure your jeans are long enough to go under or over the top of your boot fully. You want to avoid a gap of skin in between so that your legs don’t get cut off. I mean, that’s a look, but it’s not always the most flattering one. Unless you’re going for jean shorts and booties and then that’s totally fine.
  5. As a general rule, avoid slouchy ankle boots if you’re planning on wearing them with jeans as they tend to be too bulky.
  6. Choose booties that end at the skinniest part of your leg for the most flattering look. I look terrible in styles that go up to my calves as it just accents my muscular calves rather than the slimmest part of my legs.
  7. Try to avoid wearing both baggy styles on the top and bottom and go for one or the other for a more flattering look. E.g. avoid wide leg jeans and oversized blazers and go for skinny jeans and an oversized blazer or wide leg jeans and a more fitted top.
  8. Unless you’re really tall, a cropped pair of jeans is really hard to pull off with black booties or any color for that matter.
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I searched for the best ankle booties and jeans to create all of the outfit ideas above. From flats to stiletto heels, black skinny jeans to distressed denim. Whatever your personal style there’s a way to make the ankle booties and jeans combo work.


For more style inspiration and outfit ideas.

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