How to create a budget for your dream wedding

We all agree on how crazy Indian weddings are. Not only it is the most important day of a couple’s life but also one of the grand affairs when hundreds of guests, family, and relatives will come together for a multi-day event. 

It is the dream of every couple to make their wedding fun, lavish, and pompous. To do it our parents start saving up when we were born. But does it have to be this tough? We are here to help you with tips and tricks for smooth budget planning. 

The real planning can start about a year before the event. 

Calculating your upper limit

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The first step is discussing the realistic upper threshold of your saving. Calculating all your savings to manage wedding expenses and the budget. Let’s get it straight setting up unexpected expenses might push the budget off-limits. 

What is your kind of wedding? 

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Talk to each other first regarding their idea of the ideal wedding because couples overshoot the budget due to a lack of a concrete plan. 

For instance start with the venue, if you like it indoor or outdoor, the number of events and if you want all events in the same venue. Generally, one venue for all events gives you more power for negotiation and better facilities. This step will help you estimate the costs involved as well. 

Insider tip: Saturdays are the most popular days. Hence Fridays or midweek weddings are also a good alternative especially for a shorter, non-traditional wedding, destination wedding.

Combined effort and responsibilities 

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After this, get clarity about the money you, your partner and your respective parents are gonna contribute. Once you calculate all the funds together. It is time to divide the budget for specific areas. 

To do this break the wedding costs into categories. For example, Wedding – 40 percent; reception & other ceremonies – 30 percent, attire/look – 15 percent; gifts – 10 percent, miscellaneous – 5 percent. 

Also, keep a buffer of 5 to 10 budget for unexpected expenses. 

 Ask quotes from different vendors 

It is most likely that you won’t be knowing the approx cost of everything hence chances of getting ripped is also high. One of the best ways is to contact as many vendors as possible and ask for quotes. From the venue to caterers to decorators, etc., and negotiate to pin down the best deal. Look at their ranges and compare them to figure out the true cost of each category. This will give you a good idea before making future purchasing decisions.

Before finalizing sign a contract 

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The wedding industry keeps fluctuating. The cost won’t be the same in the next 6 months so get the details from different vendors into writing along with the clarity on what time that offer stands. Hence they won’t be able to raise the price without letting you know beforehand. 

Organize & record every bill 

Make budgeting smart by tracking your spending in a simple spreadsheet file. After all, if estimated costs overshoot the budget, then decide completely non-negotiable things. It is the right time to think together about priorities. For example, if you want a grand dance floor then hiring a good DJ comes as mandatory. In this case host your wedding and reception in the same venue. 

Smart tips for budget-friendly wedding 

1 To save some cash an open green lawn is a better option. Open venue requires pleasant weather so plan accordingly. If you are on a strict budget then a backyard wedding at the home can be one smart way. 

2 Save on transport costs by keeping all events in the same venue. This way you will save on costs, and it’s also convenient for guests. 

Ultimately, we can guarantee that your wedding will always be about unforgettable memories and not the! With that in mind, we hope you take these tips in mind and follow them to plan a great wedding within budget.

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