How to copy the best And Just Like That fashion & outfits

From Carrie Bradshaw to Lisa Todd Wexley these are the And Just Like That outfits we’re loving and where to get them

And Just Like That, the Sex and The City reboot was something I couldn’t wait to see, mainly for the fashion and wardrobe choices. I wanted to see what Carrie Bradshaw outfits and Charlottes would look like twenty years later! Were you as disappointed as I was? While most outfits were flops for me there were a few outfits and bags that hit the mark. Like Carrie’s Norma Kamali Diana dress and purple sequin Fendi bag and Charlotte’s daughters Oscar De La Renta dress. So here’s the best outfits from And Just Like that and where to get them to recreate Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Seema Patel and Lisa Todd Wexley’s latest looks.

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Was And Just Like That fashion a hit or miss

I loved Carrie’s fashion sense for being so on trend and brave and Charlotte’s for being so elegant and classic in the original series but the SATC reboot for the most part is a miss for me. The looks just weren’t cohesive or anything that I’d actually wear. There was only one pair of sparkly shoes to covet and maybe a bag or 2!

The NEW Sex And The City fashion & outfits

They finally aired the new series ‘And Just Like That’ and was expecting glitzy, stylish, designer looks. I fully expected my credit card to be getting a workout shoe shopping.

I thought that I’d be hunting down every single one of Carrie Bradshaws outfits from the dresses to the shoes. As well as some of Charlotte York’s styles and maybe some of Mirandas too and sharing them with you here. But that didn’t happen!

With a new season of Sex And The City coming soon hopefully I’ll be able to add more pieces then. If I see a new outfit, shoes or bag I love and that’s still in stores, not vintage, I’ll share the outfits and where you can shop for them here. If I can’t find the exact ones or it’s sold out I’ll share and link to the closest match that I can find.

I’ll probably even do both most of the time to make sure there’s affordable as well as designer options to shop.

The Best ‘And Just Like That’ Sex & The City Outfits

The best of And Just Like That season 1 fashion:

Carries newest purple sequin Fendi baguette bag

Would it be SATC without Fendi? In the new season of Sex and the City, one of my favorite items is Carrie’s purple sequin Fendi. It’s reminiscent of the one she had stolen in the original series. If you don’t want to fork out a few K to recreate this Carrie Bradshaw outfit, I found a dupe for under $50!

Fendi baguette bag and just like that Carrie Bradshaw purple sequin

Carrie Bradshaws Blue One Shoulder Dress | And Just Like That Episode 7

Now this celestial blue one shoulder dress was more along the lines of what I was expecting from Carrie. It’s elegant, sophisticated, feminine and ruched which is always more flattering when it comes to shiny materials.

I actually had this dress on my Revolve wishlist in hot pink before I even saw the blue version on Sex And The City. Now I’ve ended up with both as it’s such a flattering style that doesn’t need ironing.

This blue Norma Kamali Diana Gown is one of Carrie’s more affordable outfits. It also comes in lots of other colors, 22 to be exact.

It also comes in a maxi/gown and mini version, in case this one’s sold out or you’re not into this shade. Of course the shoes Carrie wore with it were designer, they’re a sparkly pair of Aquazzura sandals that are absolutely stunning.

And Just Like That Season 2 Fashion

Coming soon…


More Sex And The City Fashion

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