How To Build Your Brand Online #WorkshopsByNaina 27th June 2020, Post-Workshop Notes


It was the first online edition. The pricing was half of the on-ground editions ( yay to minimal overheads! ) I realized that, somehow, the online edition was more exhausting than the on-ground ones.

The workshop was conducted via Zoom. It was as interactive as the on-ground ones, which was a surprise. Everyone’s video was on all the time. Participants seemed to be more well-versed with using Zoom than I was!

I was finally able to create the #GoalKyaHai Framework of How To Build Your Brand Online and share it with the participants! The 3 hour workshops is also available for the participants to stream online for 10 days after I send them an email with a link. There’s also a PDF file of the presentation that is available for viewing and 13 blog posts with almost 7,000 words as reference material. Reference material includes links to the tools I use, the Instagram accounts that I look up to as examples, ideas for content buckets, simple approach to editorial calendars, etc.


The workshop was 3 hours long from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. on a Saturday. I have no idea where those 3 hours went. That has been my experience while conducting literally ALL my workshops. Sometimes, I think about how participants sit through 3 hours! We did take a break for 15 minutes in the middle – always a good idea in case someone wants to go pee, drink water, etc. I definitely need a break from all the talking.

The slide below is when we were talking about the Plan & Publish phase of the #GoalKyaHai Framework. ( For the rest of the meat, attend my next workshop! Workshops are always first announced on my newsletter. You can subscribe and stay on top of it. Since seats are limited – 10 participants only – the workshop usually sells out quick. If you have no idea who I am / what I do etc. & want to get a glimpse of how I talk / what I discuss, I also conduct FREE Webinars sometimes. These are also announced on the Newsletter and these usually sell out within the first 10 minutes of announcement. )

If you absolutely do not want to subscribe to a newsletter, you can look at my YouTube channel to get a better idea about my style of talking etc. and the kind of things I talk about.

We spent about 30-45 minutes analyzing each participant’s Instagram page. I gave feedback on the bio, links and overall images and layout of each participant’s feed. I’m chuffed to know that today morning ( Monday after the workshop ), each participant had made the suggested changes to their Instagram page! Always such a great feeling to know that participants found my feedback useful!

Since a group photograph was not possible in the conventional sense, a Zoom Group photo ( apart from the screenshot ), was in order! I will be better prepared to do this in the next workshop.


  1. The 3 hour workshop video is available for streaming for upto 10 days.
  2. The presentation with the #GoalKyaHai Framework is available for viewing.
  3. 13 blog posts as reference material, which can be accessed by the participants forver.


For honest opinions, you can always reach out to previous participants of my workshops but as far as I am concerned, there is no one ( at least in India ) that is delivering this kind of value and addressing this vast subject succinctly.

If you’ve been running an offline business for a while and have not bothered to look at the online, this workshop will help you understand what is involved and will give you a framework to get you started.

If you have been running your business online for a few months but you feel that you could do more, this workshop can help you structure your work better. Because you have your work cut out for you! Running a business AND building a brand online can be a LOT of work.

I am working on a Basics of Smartphone Photography Workshop as well. Sign up to the newsletter if you would like to know when I announce it!

I am available for one-on-one consulting video calls as well

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