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Goyard backpacks aren’t the first style you think of when you think of Goyard bags. I tend to think of totes and even top handle bags but the Goyard Alpin backpack came onto my radar so I wanted to review both the Goyard mini backpack and Alpin MM backpack. To compare their differences, similarities, Goyard backpack prices and everything else you need to know about this style of Goyard bag.

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Where does the Goyard Alpin backpack get its name

The Alpin name was inspired by the French Alps. It’s a re-issue of the famous Steamer bag, a popular bag style of 20th century travelers and comes in 2 sizes. The Alpin Goyard MM and mini backpack.

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Where is Goyard made

Goyard is a French brand and their backpacks are made in France. It started as Maison Martin in 1792 and changed to Maison Goyard in 1853 when the Goyard family started designing.

What are Goyard backpacks made of

Goyard Alpin backpack is made from the iconic and traditional Goyardine canvas and Clamency Cowhide leather. The Goyardine canvas was created in 1892 by Edmond Goyard who was the 1st Parisian trunk maker to sign his canvas. He also added the address of the Paris store in 2 different shades of brown. As well as “Paris” repeated twice on the design.

The Goyardine dotted pattern forms a triple chevron juxtaposed in the shape of a Y. It’s not a random design or coincidence but references the log drives conducted by his ancestors. It’s also the central letter in the Goyard family name. 

goyard bag review alpin backpack

What are the differences and similarities between Alpin mini backpack and Alpin MM backpack 

They’re both made from the same material: Goyardine Canvas & Clamecy Cowhide. However, there’s a few similarities and differences between both sizes.


The Goyard Alpin Mini Backpack measures:

Length 23 cm x width 9.5 cm x height 19 cm or 7.5 in X 3.5 in X 8.75 in and weighs 0.3 kg.

Verus the Goyard Alpin MM backpack which measures:

39 cm x 15.5 cm x 32 cm or 15.3 x 6.1 x 12.5” and weighs 1.8 kg.


The Goyard Alpin mini backpack comes in 11 colors including orange, yellow, red, blue, green, black, brown and white versus the Alpin MM which only comes in 5 colors: black, tan, green, navy and grey.


They’re both functional with a flap, buckle and drawstring fastening and an interior pocket. However, it’s only the MM that has an exterior pocket.

They both have different shoulder straps and ways they attach. The MM has a leather gendarme key and studs strap fastening. The strap passes through to make shoulder straps and it also has side studs so that it can be worn as a crossbody.

Whereas the Goyard mini backpack has a silver metal carabiner clip system to attach and detach the shoulder straps. They both have a top handle.

The Alpin Mini bag is a miniature replica of the Alpin MM, whose singular aesthetic quality and traveling spirit it retains and revisits. Its name was inspired by the French Alps, and sounds like an invitation to climb mountains.

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Goyard backpack prices

Expect to pay anywhere between $4200-$6500 for a new bag depending on the size you get.

How to style and wear your Goyard Alpin backpacks

The Goyard Alpin backpacks are a more casual style that looks great with jeans and more casual outfits. It can be carried a few ways:

  1. As a backpack using the carabiner clips to attach the shoulder straps to the top handle.
  2. On one shoulder
  3. Detach the shoulder straps to use it as a top handle bag.
  4. Crossbody (MM only)

Goyard Backpack review

In this Goyard backpack review of the Alpine mini and MM I’m covering:

  • Introduction, history of Goyard and the Goyardine canvas.
  • Size of the Goyard backpacks: Alpin mini and MM.
  • Material and color options.
  • Goyard backpack review: similarities and differences between mini and MM sizes.
  • What to style this bag with and what to use it for.
  • What fits in the Goyard Alpin mini backpack.
  • Different ways to carry the backpack.
  • Where to get Goyard bags.
  • Goyard backpack prices.

Shop Goyard backpacks 

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