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The fourth episode of the second season of “And Just Like That” brought back fan-favorite guest character Enid and saw Lisa Todd Wexley’s anniversary person go awry. Here are some highlights from the episode.


Carrie Bradshaw and her former podcast coworker Jack are at brunch when they run into her old editor Enid, who now runs her own popular newsletter, “Ask Enid.” Enid tells Carrie that she’s launching a new magazine called Vivant focused on women above a certain age and she would love it if Carrie could get involved.

Carrie tells Seema she is offended that Enid thinks the two of them are in the same age bracket, but Seema says Carrie should get involved with the magazine because Enid is a legend. Carrie begins getting random texts from an old man and wonders if her number has been hacked by AARP.

Later, Carrie meets Che’s ex-but-still-legally-married husband, Lyle, at Che’s apartment. While the two acquaint themselves as Che and Miranda make out, they break a couch in Che’s apartment that was poorly screwed together.

In the end, Carrie arrives at Enid’s town house, where Gloria Steinem makes a cameo. Carrie runs into her old friend Bitsy again and learns it’s Bitsy that gave her number to the old man who’s been texting her.

Carrie tells Enid she’d love to write for Vivant, but Enid says she doesn’t want Carrie to write, she wants her to make a $100,000 investment. After seeing photos of the old man texting Carrie, Enid reveals the man is her boyfriend. To diffuse awkwardness, Carrie switches the conversation back to money and decides to offer Enid $100,000.

Carrie’s fashion moments

This was one of Carrie’s more understated episodes, with her signature look being an off-white dress with a watercolor sunset color pattern. Her more understated fashion choice left Enid to shine at her moment for fundraising for her magazine.

Sarah Jessica Parker, And Just Like That

Sarah Jessica Parker in “And Just Like That” season two, episode four.

Craig Blankenhorn

Lisa Todd Wexley

Lisa and Charlotte are sending their kids off on a school camping trip. Lisa and Herbert have their big anniversary party to plan. Herbert learns that Lisa’s father and his mother, Eunice, will be in the same room for their anniversary party, and they don’t get along.

Herbert also says he’s putting his political office ambitions on hold with running for city comptroller.

Later, at their anniversary party, Lisa learns Herbert never emailed the invitations, causing their sparse party attendance. As dessert is supposed to arrive, Lisa realizes she forgot to order the cake. Eunice then chastises Lisa for forgetting the invites and to order the cake. After Eunice argues with Lisa’s father, who says Herbert is only concerned with money, Lisa announces Herbert is running for city comptroller.

Lisa’s fashion moments

Lisa is the fashion star of this episode with a logomania moment when she drops her kids off for the school trip, wearing a Louis Vuitton LV monogram print jacket paired with a Valentino branded logo scarf. At the bar with Herbert, as they plan their anniversary, she wears a statement-making Barbiecore pink cocktail dress with elaborate fringe sleeves.

Later for her anniversary party, she wears a pleated gown with a cape and multicolored floral pattern.

Nicole Ari Parker, Christopher Jackson, And Just Like That

Nicole Ari Parker and Christopher Jackson in “And Just Like That” season two, episode four.

Craig Blankenhorn


Miranda is dealing with her new home life post her and Steve’s breakup. Her, Steve and Brady end up in family therapy, where Brady says it’s his parents’ turn to talk about their problems. The therapist encourages them to look at their family dynamic when both Miranda and Steve decide they need to figure out moving out.

This isn’t the only sticky trio situation Miranda finds herself in. Later at Che’s apartment, Lyle falls asleep in Che’s bed, and it’s impossible to wake up, so the three end up sharing Che’s bed. Che and Miranda attempt to get intimate while Lyle is in bed next to them. Miranda attempts a threesome with them that gets awkward, so she goes outside to sleep on the broken couch. Che follows Miranda and Che says they missed her and the two spend the night on the broken couch.

Cynthia Nixon, Miranda, And Just Like That

David Eigenberg, Niall Cunningham and Cynthia Nixon in “And Just Like That” season two, episode four.

Miranda’s fashion moments

Miranda’s standout look in this episode came in the therapy session, where she wore a pattern orange dress belted at the waist for a cinched silhouette. When in situations of crisis, never forget to look your best.


Charlotte and Harry are enjoying time with their kids away and get intimate when Charlotte realizes Harry’s having dry orgasms. They meet with a doctor to resolve this, and the doctor recommends Harry try pelvic floor exercises.

At Lisa and Herbert’s anniversary party, Charlotte meets a gallery owner named Mark (Victor Garber), who proposes Charlotte come to work for him at his gallery. Charlotte is hesitant, but Mark urges her to consider.

By the end of the episode, Harry and Charlotte are getting intimate, and Harry finally has a regular orgasm again.

Kristin Davis, Victor Garber, And Just Like That, Charlotte York

Kristin Davis and Victor Garber in “And Just Like That” season two, episode four.

Charlotte’s fashion moments

Charlotte took an earlier cue from Lisa for the anniversary party following the Barbiecore trend. She wore a pastel pink dress with an Empire waist and trumpet sleeves.

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