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The latest episode of Max’s “And Just Like That” saw Carrie’s rekindled romance with Aidan flourishing. Meanwhile, Anthony found himself taken with his employee, Charlotte is figuring out how to deal with her body changing and Miranda is moving up the ladder at her internship pretty quickly. Here’s a recap from “And Just Like That” Season Two, episode eight.


Carrie and Aidan are in bed together, in a hotel, arguing over who will close the shades. She learns that Aidan has chickens now and a country house in Virginia. Carrie agrees to go with him to Virginia and meet his sons.

The girls are shocked Carrie wants to go to Virginia. She has an existential crisis over thinking her deceased husband, Mr. Big, was a mistake. Aidan is still weird about being in Carrie’s apartment, so they book Che’s apartment via Airbnb. Due to Che’s lack of home accessories, like kitchenware and accessories, they go shopping for homewares.

While in the apartment, they fake being cousins, which goes well until management gets concerned, then Che comes to visit and sees how in love they are again. Che asks why it didn’t work out the first time and Carrie admits she made a mistake by not choosing Aidan. The episode ends with her packing up to visit him in Virginia.

Carrie’s Fashion Moments

While this episode is more about Carrie’s love life than fashion moments, she pops in a pink plaid wool wrap coat when she’s walking with Miranda.

And Just Like That, Season Two, Episode Eight

Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker in Season Two, episode eight of “And Just Like That.”


Miranda is about to start an internship for the Human Rights Campaign and is happy she’s making a difference in the world. She starts her internship and meets fellow interns and her supervisor. Miranda receives an offer to take over for her supervisor at work while she’s on maternity leave, but is reluctant about it since the younger interns have been there much longer than her. Her supervisor reminds her that Miranda graduated top of her class at Harvard Law School and has 30 years of experience, so she shouldn’t start shrinking herself now, and Miranda humbly accepts.

Miranda’s Fashion Moments

Miranda returns to office chic for this episode, and one of her looks includes a jewel-tone blazer, brown turtleneck and statement necklace.

And Just Like That, Season Two, Episode Eight

Cynthia Nixon in Season Two, episode eight of “And Just Like That.”


Charlotte tells her kids she’s taking a full-time job at an art gallery, and is shocked that they are more than fine with her going back to work. She’s having a self-esteem crisis after buying a dress that she thinks accentuates her stomach in an unflattering way. She attempts to squeeze into spandex for her first day of work, but they appear to cut off her breathing.

Charlotte’s Fashion Moments

Charlotte’s plot line in this episode is defined by a black dress with pink trim and a pink belt she buys. For her first day of work, she pairs the dress with a black-and-white floral-print coat, Tod’s handbag and Christian Louboutin heels.

And Just Like That, Season Two, Episode Eight

Kristin Davis in Season 2, episode eight of And Just Like That.


Anthony gets his own B-plot this episode as he learns his attractive new employee, Giuseppe, is also gay. This changes Anthony’s entire approach to him. He tries to fire Giuseppe, who never gets the message, and the episode ends with Giuseppe showing up to work anyway, Anthony confessing he’s attracted to him, and them making out.

And Just Like That, Season Two, Episode Eight

Mario Cantone and Sebastiano Pigazzi in Season Two, episode eight of “And Just Like That.”


Seema is wary about Carrie rushing into things with Aidan. Her real estate partner tries to bring her an A-list actor starring in a Marvel movie who needs a nine-month luxury rental. She runs into Carrie at the hair salon, who confronts her about why she is ignoring her calls about dinner with Aidan. Seema reveals that she’s concerned about third-wheeling with Aidan and they have a heart-to-heart about Seema being concerned she’s never had any great love. She finally decides to show up for dinner to meet Aidan and it goes well.

Seema’s Fashion Moments

She makes quite an entrance for dinner with Aidan, wearing a black sequined suit with an asymmetric black top with a crystal-embellished neckline.

And Just Like That, Season Two, Episode Eight

Sarah Jessica Parker and Sarita Choudhury in Season Two, episode eight of “And Just Like That.”

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