50 best pageant interview outfits & dresses to wow the judges

Pageant interview outfits can be tricky! These strike the right balance of elegant and fashionable

Pageant interview outfits and dresses are one of the most important elements of your pageant wardrobe. It’s the outfit to make your first impression and show your personal style to the judges but it needs to be the right impression! Having been Mrs. Nevada United States, Mrs. England and a pageant coach I’ve had my fair share of shopping for them for both myself and others. Too attention grabbing and it’s distracting, too boring and it’s forgettable. You also want a style that feels like you and that makes you feel confident. These pageant interview dresses, jumpsuits and outfits strike the right balance. Whether you’re style’s more classic or fashion forward, muted or bright, these are the best pageant outfits I’ve come across in my extensive search.

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pageant interview outfit mrs nevada

I tended to go for more fashion forward pageant interview dresses which I wouldn’t wear now but that were great at the time. They were elegant but look a bit dated now. Keep scrolling to see the styles I would wear if I was competing now and what I suggest to my clients based on the colors that suit them, budget and their personal style.

10 questions you need to ask yourself when choosing your pageant interview outfit

When you’re shopping for or trying on your pageant interview outfit or dress make sure to check:

  1. That you can walk in it.
  2. Make sure that you can sit in it.
  3. Are you 100% sure it won’t fall down and that you won’t be tugging at it?
  4. Does it reflect your personal style?
  5. What impression are you trying to make?
  6. What do you want the outfit to say about you? e.g. Serious, elegant, fun.
  7. Do you feel good in it?
  8. If you have a pageant coach be sure to take photos in it or send photos to them before purchasing it.
  9. What’s your budget?
  10. Will it arrive in time?

If you go for a wide leg jumpsuit make sure you’re not going to trip on the pants! On the other end of the spectrum, if you go for a tight midi dress make sure that you can walk in it or have a kick pleat added so that you can.

What should I wear to a pageant interview?

What you wear to your pageant interview varies a little from division to division and can be a little sexy for certain divisions and pageant systems but it should always be elegant. You can go glam but make sure it still looks like you’re going to an interview rather than to an evening gala.

In saying that it shouldn’t look like a regular interview outfit. It should still look pageant-like and be fashion forward.

You don’t have to wear a dress to your interview. Pant suits, skirt suits, jumpsuits, rompers and shorts suits are all acceptable options too. As long as they’re not too conservative, dark or casual.

Make sure your pageant interview outfit reflects both who you are and what your pageant system represents. Some are more conservative than others. If in doubt talk to your director, coach and/or look at photos of winners from previous years and maybe stay away from shorter, more revealing styles.

When people think about the Miss America pageant, they think about the “girl next door” – someone who is pretty, sweet, down-to-earth, and likable. On the other hand, when people think about the Miss USA pageant, they think of fashion-forward model types who are tall, glamourous, and stylish.

New York Dress

What color is best for pageant interview?

Winners wear white is a passé statement. While red, white and blue are still really popular colors don’t be afraid to wear other colors. Actually, I encourage you to, to stand out from the sea of red, white and blue.

The most important thing is to find a color that suits you and that you feel good in. I’d suggest staying away from dark colors like black and grey, as well as loud prints which can be distracting. Besides that, have fun with it and don’t be afraid to stand out (in a good way).

The best pageant interview outfits and dresses

These are the most stunning pageant interview outfits and dresses I could find for all budgets. Whatever your style or color that you’re looking for. I’ve broken it down into 2 separate edits so you’re not tempted to go outside of your budget and to make things easier to find.

A lot of the styles come in more than just the color shown so definitely take a peek to see if there’s other color options. I’ve also added some styling tips and things to check when your outfit arrives at the bottom to make sure you’re outfit is interview ready.

Make sure to order well in advance. Especially if there’s any chance of it needing tailoring.

Elegant blue pageant interview dress

This baby blue long sleeve midi is such an elegant choice for a pageant interview dress. The flattering long sleeves and feminine neck line set this apart from your average sheath dress. You could always add a crystal buckle belt or gold chain belt if you want to add a bit of bling or to tie in with your jewelry.

Sexy but chic white blazer pageant interview dress

This pageant interview outfit is both sophisticated, stylish and sexy. Swap the buttons out for crystal buttons if you want to add a touch of sparkle. Style it with white or nude pumps and you’re good to go.

Pro tip: Do the sit test and make sure the slit doesn’t reveal too much. If it does, have your tailor simply tack the slit shut. You can always cut the tack later once interview’s over.

pageant interview outfit yellow blazer dress

Business in the front, party in the back pageant interview outfit

Leave the judges with something to remember you by in a good way. This looks like a stunning yellow blazer dress from the front but the crystal embellished backless style is a surprise and give it a more pageant interview outfit feel than a simple blazer dress.

It’s definitely an investment piece but a total show stopper.

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This elegant dress is on major sale! It’s such a classic style, beautiful color and the bustier top is not only flattering but right on trend. If I was competing this year, I’d probably end up in this dress with silver or nude strappy heels.

pageant interview dress mrs pink mini elegant

Shop the 25 best pageant interview outfits and dresses under $500

From classic and elegant styles to bright statement making pantsuits, jumpsuits and dresses to rock your pageant interview in.

Shop the 25 best pageant interview outfits and dresses over $500

If you’re looking for a designer or luxury style, these are the most stunning styles I came across after hours of searching for the best dresses and outfits that are spot on for pageant interviews.

Tips before wearing your pageant interview outfit

Obviously you need to try it on as soon as you get it to see if it needs tailoring or exchanging but there’s a few other things to check and to make sure you’re whole pageant interview outfit is on point.

Some of these pantsuits and jumpsuits are a little plunging so consider what you’d wear underneath them and make sure that you can sit in them without showing too much. Double sided tape might seem like your best friend until it pulls off your spray tan the day before your fitness or swim round!

If it has a high thigh slit, make sure that you can sit in it modestly. If not you can always have a tailor tack the slit so that it doesn’t open and end up too revealing when you sit.

Remember you can always change the buttons to sparkly crystal ones or belt a lot of these styles to make them stand out and be a bit more pageant-like.

Also remember to complete your outfit with the right shoes that you can walk in, underwear that doesn’t show and pretty but not distracting or noisy jewelry.

Good luck and have the best experience!


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