Car Colors

The codeNameExample viewmetallicDescription
102 apricot   metallic silver light orange
602 aventurine   metallic silver black
425 adriatic     blue
204 iceberg     white-two-layer
243 Acapulco     bright yellow
460 aquamarine   metallic silver blue green
503 chord   metallic silver brown
1018 diamond.silver   metallic (IZH) silver
660 altair   metallic silver light gray
355 Amazon     bright green
145 amethyst   metallic silver purple
371 amulet   metallic silvery dark green
425 andriatic     blue
125 antares   metallic dark cherry
277 antelope   metallic silver beige
286 apathy   metallic silver orange
305 asparagus   metallic silver green
490 asteroid   metallic dark blue-green
440 atlantic     light blue
1158 oyster   metallic (GM) light gray
421 bottlenose dolphin   metallic silver green blue
645 basalt   metallic grey-black
107 eggplant     dark violet
420 baltic     dark blue-green
353 balm     green
235 beige     beige
240 White cloud     white
201 white     white
302 bergamot   metallic silver green
451 blueberry   metallic silver gray blue
480 breeze     green-blue
262 bronze age   metallic beige brown
464 valentine     gray purple
310 currency   metallic grey-green
655 viking   metallic dark grey
129 Victoria   metallic silver bright red
132 cherry USA     dark silver red
127 cherry     maroon
313 Aquarius   metallic grey-green
488 galaxy   metallic dark violet
423 geyser   metallic grey-blue
481 blue     blue
180 pomegranate     maroon
150 defile     silver gray brown
285 jam   metallic orange brown
502 melon   metallic silver yellow
321 Duchess   metallic silver milky green
203 jasmine     white-yellow
230 pearl   metallic silvery white milky
307 protective     green
257 star dust   metallic beige-lilac
307 vegetable dish     dark green
963 green   metallic green
1012 green avocado     (IL) dark green
1901 golden star   metallic (GM) beige gold
331 golden leaf   metallic golden dark green
245 golden field   metallic silver yellow green
109 golden beige   metallic (IL) golden beige
347 inca gold   metallic golden dark green
311 iguana   metallic silver bright green
515 Isabel   metallic dark purple
385 emerald   metallic silver green
441 indigo     dark blue
406 iris     violet
128 spark   metallic red
358 cayman   metallic dark green
104 viburnum   metallic bright red
190 calif. poppy   metallic golden red
453 capri   metallic dark blue-green
212 cappuccino     light gray beige
101 cardinal     bright red
118 Carmen     red
630 quartz   metallic dark grey
352 cedar     grey-green
381 centaur   metallic dark green
322 columbian greens   metallic golden olive
116 coral   metallic silver dark red
798 cinnamon   metallic brown
370 Corsica   metallic silver swamp green
665 space   metallic black
1017 red pepper   metallic (IZH) silver-cherry
1013 red porto     (IZH) cherry
281 crystal   metallic light gray
435 English Channel   metallic silver purple
675 lavender     silver brown
487 lagoon   metallic silver blue
411 Ladoga   metallic silver blue
445 lapis lazuli   metallic purple blue
498 azure blue   metallic silver navy blue
495 Moonlight   metallic light blue
410 magellan     dark blue
133 magic   metallic silver bright purple
120 Mayan   metallic silver maroon
428 honey     blue
234 honey   metallic yellow gold
317 meridian     green
1014 shimmer blue   metallic (IL) silver-dark blue
217 almond   metallic silver beige pink
280 mirage   metallic silver-yellow-green
606 milky path   metallic silver gray graphite
626 mokr.asf   metallic silver steel
403 Monte Carlo     bright blue
325 marine open sea     dark green
458 moulin rouge     bright purple
377 moray eel     blue-green
620 nutmeg   metallic silver gray gold
223 narcissus     yellow
304 nautilus     dark green
239 Nevada   metallic silver gray beige
628 Neptune   metallic silver-dark gray-blue
270 nefertites   metallic silver-beige
383 Niagara   metallic silver gray bluish
1001 lake tahoe   metallic (UAZ) dark gray-green
449 ocean     dark blue
345 olivine   metallic golden green
340 olive     yellow-green
1121 olympia   metallic (GM) bright blue
419 opal   metallic silver bluish
308 sedge   metallic green-blue
387 papyrus   metallic silver gray greenish
152 pepper   metallic silver red-orange
404 peterhof     grey-greenish
795 piranha   metallic red-brown
417 picunda     green-blue
615 celestial pole   metallic taupe
192 port wine   metallic  
406 Poseidon   metallic dark blue
342 the prairie   metallic silver gray green
605 prestige   metallic silver navy blue
276 prize   metallic silver beige
210 primrose     light yellow
448 rhapsody   metallic silver bright blue
412 regatta   metallic silver navy blue
122 advertising     bright red
499 Riviera   metallic blue-violet
610 Riesling   metallic silvery pale gray
1002 rychmo   metallic (UAZ) dark brown
391 Robin Hood   metallic dark green
182 romance     Dark red
110 ruby     red
442 sadko     dark blue
1005 light green   metallic light green
670 chair   metallic beige red
446 sapphire   metallic silver blue-violet
215 safari     light beige
671 light gray     light gray
301 ser. willow   metallic silver-greenish-gray
640 silver   metallic silver
236 grey-beige     grey-beige
233 grey-white     gray white
427 grey-blue     grey-blue
373 grey-green     grey-green
1019 gray tin   metallic (IZH) gray silver
1011 blue calypso     (IL) dark blue
447 blue midnight     blue
483 Sirius   metallic grey-blue
478 plum   metallic silver bright blue
295 creamy white     creamy white
690 sn. queen   metallic silver
650 sauvignon   metallic silver gray
791 solaris     dark brown
360 sochi   metallic silver gray greenish
399 tobacco   metallic silver brown green
206 melt water   metallic light gray
509 dark beige     dark beige
793 dark brown     dark brown
456 dark blue     dark blue
170 tornado     red
100 triumph   metallic silver red
475 tundra   metallic silvery greenish
1020 ultramarine     (IL) blue-green
1115 an extravaganza   metallic (GM) bright red
416 fairy   metallic silver lilac
105 Franconia   metallic dark cherry raspberry
430 frigate     aquamarine
363 tsunami   metallic dark green
228 tea rose     light yellow
408 the reason   metallic silver dark purple
162 sweet cherry     dark scarlet
482 blueberry   metallic dark blue
601 black     black
1021 black graphite   metallic (IL) silver-gray-graphite
513 black Pearl   metallic silver brown
651 black truffle   metallic black
637 black chocolate   metallic dark brown
415 electron   metallic dark grey
290 South Cross   metallic grey-beige
473 Jupiter   metallic silver bluish
202 bright white     bright white
140 young     dark cherry

most practical color

The choice of car color before buying depends not only on the personal preferences of the owner, but also on the conditions of its operation. The main criteria are good masking of chips and scratches, the invisibility of light dirt and dust on the car body. The practicality rating is as follows:

  • beige and silver;
  • white;
  • blue;
  • red;
  • yellow.

They are versatile and equally well suited for any climate. Due to their prevalence, there are no problems with repair and color matching. Such colors are suitable for all car enthusiasts without exception, and it is easier to sell a car in a popular color.

The most practical car colors are silver and beige.

The most easily soiled and impractical colors:

  • the black;
  • brown;
  • white;
  • green.

The main problem with all dark colors is their extreme soiling, which makes them unsuccessful. It is enough for a black car to drive a little around the city after washing, as it is covered with a thin layer of dust, which makes it untidy. Such machines heat up much faster in the heat, so they are rare in the southern regions.

The exception is white and this is due to the good visibility of chips, cracks, rust on the paintwork. White fading in the sun is uneven, so different parts of the car can have different shades, which also makes it difficult to match the paint.

Chevrolet Lanos car paint colors

Code Name Example. view Metallic

GKQ Casablanca white

GKA Marsala red

GKU Green classic metalic

GKJ moon road metalic

GBF Pannakota metalic

GKT Red Rubens metalic

GKN light silver metallic

GKS black night metalic

GKV prestige blue metallic

GKL Green bamboo metalic

The safest car colors

An analysis carried out by one of the insurance companies of the Russian Federation showed that cars of natural natural shades are the least likely to get into unpleasant situations:

  • Orange.
  • Yellow.
  • Brown.
  • Green.

Obviously, the safest colors are not banal and those that, according to the psychology of color, indicate calmness, poise and the ability to stand firmly with your feet on the ground. The safest is orange. Although this should not be surprising, because this color is used for construction equipment precisely because it is a signal.

The presence of green and brown in the ratings of the safest at first glance is doubtful - these colors are not among the brightest. But if we turn to the psychological characteristics of color, then this is expected - both of them speak of stability, sobriety, the ability to clearly assess the situation, and at the same time they give cheerfulness, unlike cold blue-blue shades that act soporific.

Most often, insured events occurred with owners of black and silver cars. Such colors are difficult to distinguish in those moments when drivers are most vulnerable - early morning, twilight. 65% of accidents (maximum) among owners of red cars, but this is not about color, but about the psychological characteristics of those who choose such a defiant color. As a rule, these are young drivers who do not have much experience on the road. White is a safe color, although it is at increased risk on the other hand: it is white cars that are most often stolen.

Yellow and brown colors

Yellow is a complex but promising color. If we are talking about metallic shades (Golden Star, Golden Field, Melon), then this is the choice of elegant people with a delicate taste. Looks rich. Like any light color, it will require maintenance. The bright yellow gloss has the telling name "Yellow Taxi".

The note

Yellow is strongly associated with taxis, so there may be times when someone knocks on your car and asks for fares.

Various shades of yellow in cars. Bright colors look prettier, but are strongly associated with taxis.

Many shades of yellow (mustard, greenish-yellow) may not evoke pleasant associations for everyone (for example, with the color of pea soup), but if the car model is not banal, then they will be a highlight and a great way to attract attention.

Shades of khaki are difficult for urban conditions and passenger cars, but jeeps and tall cars are given a certain severity, they are associated with nature trips, hunting and fishing.

A khaki-colored car is best suited for off-road vehicles. It is chosen mainly by lovers of off-road travel, fishermen and hunters.

Brown colors give a retro accent, they must be carefully selected according to the character of the model. For example, brown will decorate the Jaguar XJ sedan. Rarely suitable for class A or B vehicles.

Brown color suits business class cars. On cars of class A and B, it looks worse.

Red color

It is a mistake to believe that this color speaks solely of the desire to be the most visible, of aggressiveness and temperament. Many shades (cherry, red-orange, burgundy) are so rich and dignified that they are appropriate on F-class models.

Various shades of red in cars

Pros of red:

Excellent visibility on the road.

Is a classic. It is familiar to others and will not shock like pink or light green.

Democratic, suitable for both women and men.

The peculiarity of red lies in the optical illusion of this color: - visually it seems that the red car is moving faster than it actually is, and that it is closer than it actually is.


A difficult choice for both interior solutions and for the car. This is due to the peculiarities of the perception of the spectrum between blue and red by the human eye.

Various shades of purple in cars. This color is quite difficult to perceive, so you should be careful on the road in a purple car.

Violet tones symbolize mysticism and mystery for a reason - they are elusive and look faded on the road. The only exceptions are such tones as Moulin Rouge (bright purple) or Lilac (light purple).

The range of modern purple shades for cars is represented by metallic shades. The mother-of-pearl sheen emphasizes the lines of the car and makes the muted color more expressive.

The advantages of purple depend on the shade. The most easy to care for and representative - dark and medium gray-violet, blue-violet. The colors of lilac and lavender are the choice for compact women's cars.

Blue and cyan colors

Blue is popular. Depending on the shade, it can carry a different symbolic load.

Atlantic (purple-blue) - laid-back,

Diplomat (blue) - solid and at the same time not heavy,

Lapis lazuli (light blue) - expensive, impressive,

Saint Tropez is sporty.

Various shades of blue in cars. This color is associated with calmness, rest, relaxation.

Pros of blue:

Reliability, solidity.


Forms the image of the owner as a serious, intelligent person. The color is not in vain considered one of the most popular for uniforms.

Practical and non-marking.

Bright blues or aquas have until recently been a rarity in the mainstream market, although they are increasingly seen at trade shows and on the streets. Such shades are strongly associated with rest, leisure, vacation. Green tones of the sea, sky blue were one of the trends in 2014, when the masterminds of the auto industry were carried away by the ideas of environmentally friendly cars that were simply obliged to radiate peace and relaxation. Since then, these colors have become firmly entrenched in the automotive industry.

blue car color

Metallic makes any color more suitable for cars - a color with a silver sheen is brighter, lighter, more radiant, and therefore more visible on the road. Metallic has significantly expanded the modern palette of comfortable automotive colors. Now you can use dull, complex shades of blue and green, which without the addition of metallic particles would look pale and dirty. Today they look stylish and sophisticated. Often decorated with premium models, as they evoke associations with precious metals and stones.

pink car color

An interesting fact - the Italian company Lamborgini categorically does not paint their cars pink! Although there are a lot of people who want to buy a legendary car in this color. Why did the leadership take such a tough stance? As one of the regional directors explained, this is not in line with the spirit of the brand. "Ferarri is not a Pokémon!" Only branded red, as well as silver, white and black. This does not prevent buyers from repainting the car pink on their own. However, the firmness of the concern's leadership in this matter is respected, and makes it more attentive to the philosophy of color.

Pink is one of those shades that, despite being bright and expressive, is a must-have choice. The color is not masculine, and even if the owner is a woman, it is doubtful. They see it as cheap "glamour", a hint of "pop music".

Pink is a very dubious color for a car, associated with cheap glamor and pop.

The only exception is delicate and elegant light pink metallic shades, for example, Almond. Associated with the color of rose gold, it makes no less worthy impression than golden, white or silver. Deep dark fuchsia can look original and appropriate.

How to choose a car color: the pros and cons of popular shades

The ROLF company has selected the most practical and safe car colors based on its own statistics collected over 30 years of work.

White: the safest

Why choose:

The safest car color on the road. Minimum share in frontal collisions. White cars are visible from afar, they reflect light well;

Reduces the temperature in the cabin - white paint almost does not absorb the energy of sunlight;

The most accessible. White cars are cheaper than other colors, so they are chosen for reasons of economy;

It's easier to sell. White cars are in demand among taxi, delivery, car sharing and rental services;

Why you should consider:

The dirt is clearly visible. White cars are not practical - they show dust and stains after washing. The slightest spots of rust turn into ugly red streaks;

Difficult to paint. There are milky, mother-of-pearl, beige and moon shades of white that are difficult to match. They do not fit well with each other - a mistake when choosing a paint will be visible from afar.

Black: the color of prestige cars

Why choose:

Solid. Black cars seem massive, heavy and reliable;

Always in fashion. Demand for yellow, red and green cars varies according to trends. Black is always popular;

Best to sell. The black color of the car is more practical in terms of resale. According to statistics, it accounts for 22% of transactions. Moreover, it holds the highest residual value.

Why you should consider:

The most easily soiled car color. Gray, brown and brown road dirt is perfectly visible on a black background. Minor dents and scratches too;

Heat in the cabin. In the southern regions of Russia, the interiors of black cars warm up to + 60-65 °, in the middle lane - up to + 50 °;

More expensive than other popular shades. For "black metallic" you pay extra from 5 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the brand.

Gray and silver: the most practical car colors

Why choose:

Easy to care for. On a silver-gray background, dirt, scratches, small dents and even rust spots are visible only at a distance of less than a meter;

Easier to repair. Gray paint is the easiest to pick up - cars of popular brands like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and BMW are painted in signature gray tones that are well known to bodybuilders.

The most persistent. Gray cars are practical - such enamel absorbs little ultraviolet radiation and the energy of sunlight. Even after 10-15 years they look presentable.

Why you should consider:

The most inconspicuous. The gray color of the car affects the accident rate - it is difficult to notice it on a dry asphalt road on a cloudy day;

Inexpressive. "Wet asphalt", silver and light gray merge with the road, making the car invisible to other drivers.

How to choose a car color for vivid impressions: red

Why choose:

It catches the eye. Red cars are second only to white cars in terms of safety. Red color attracts attention from afar and makes you keep a bright object in sight;

Universal. Suitable for sports cars, small cars and crossovers. It looks good on any car - it does not make it heavier, but does not visually reduce the dimensions.

Why you should consider:

Included in the top stolen. The red color makes even the most practical car a target for car thieves;

Burns quickly and unevenly. After five years, the car loses its aesthetic appearance - in the worst case, it can become stained or streaked.

Green and brown: practical and calm car colors

Why choose:

Great for off-road. Streaks of brown dirt lifted from the surface of the primer are not so noticeable;

Rare and noble. You can choose car colors that are associated with racing tracks and celebrities, such as British Racing Green and Dark Chocolate.

Why you should consider:

Difficult to resell. Green cars are in low demand in the secondary market.

Yellow and orange: bright but discreet car colors

Why choose:

Well visible. Yellow and orange cars are safe: they are perfectly visible on the road and stand out from the traffic.

Why you should consider:

Persistent association with a taxi. Public transport is most often painted in these shades.

Which color of the car is better in all respects: blue

Why choose:

Always looks good. Blue is a noble shade that suits absolutely everyone. The blue color of the car is on the list of the most practical cars after gray - dirt and dents are almost invisible.

Why you should consider:

Bright shades of blue attract car thieves. The blue and turquoise colors of the car are much more practical in terms of safety.

Silver and gray car colors

Silver was and remains popular. It is the second most common, after white. If you study the catalogs of the latest luxury cars, it turns out that the compilers prefer to demonstrate goods in silver-gray at least as often as in black.

Silver and gray colors in cars are quite popular and practical.


Practical. Dust and dirt are almost invisible.

Universal, suitable for everyone.

A huge number of diverse shades: from the color of wet asphalt to aluminum.

Quite well distinguishable on the track both day and night. Worse than red, but better than black.

Great for hot climates.

The downside is that gray is the least noticeable on the road. At dusk, without headlights, a car of this color is almost impossible to see, so it is not recommended to leave a gray car at night on the roadway.

In 2017, 27% of all car buyers in the primary market in Russia chose silver (17%) and gray (10%) shades. In total, this is more than those who chose black cars - 16%, but less than white ones - 28%. The remaining percentages fell on natural tones, and soft and warm (gold, beige, yellow, orange, brown) are more popular than green, red and blue.