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Color wheel, how to achieve a harmonious combination of colors.

Definition of the color wheel

The color wheel (wheel) is widely used in design and coloring. In fact, this is a special rule that helps you navigate the variety of colors, create the right shades in any color model. In other words, the circle is a way of continuous color transitions. The sectors of the figure are painted in different colors, which are placed in a special order. Their mutual arrangement is due to the laws of color (color theory), so the circle helps to select harmonious combinations of shades.

Designers perceive the color wheel as a “cheat sheet” that reflects all possible color schemes. It can be viewed online or in print form. Nevertheless, a number of third-party factors influence the selection of shades, taking into account the data of the circle. Experts note that the color spectrum is perceived subjectively and is highly dependent on the rest of the composition in the room. The color perception is also affected by the size of the painted surfaces, their shape, so in each case you have to make a decision individually.